gerry mckeveny

gerry mckeveny

 Blue Point, New York, USA

Jackson Browne, Richard Thompson and John Gorka meet Michael Hedges and agree to never do two-hand tapping...


From the Plaza and Pierre Hotels in Manhattan to the clubhouse of an outlaw motorcycle motorcycle gang, Gerry McKeveny's lifetime of playing music has been a wild journey that continues as vibrantly as ever. Americana superstar Rosanne Cash once commented on the "beautiful, emotionally potent lyricism"of his work. Listen and hear what she's talking about.


Broken Wide Open

Written By: Gerry McKeveny

a risky business, love
to say different is to lie
it's a walk across a wire
when lightning splits the sky
you might fall like Wallenda
be irrevocably burned
at best you'll end up damaged goods
that can never be returned

broken wide, wide open

a dangerous diversion
from the straight and narrow path
an ill-advised incursion
on the realm of God's own wrath
some might counsel caution
say "it's a slippery old slope."
you can toss it to the wind
if you wish your heart and hope

broken wide, wide open

open to the danger everywhere
open to the daylight and the air

you can try to live without it
play it safe, hedge your bets
i gotta i doubt it
will bring much but more regret
to my heart, a truth so plain-
such freedom is not free
the only way you lose these chains
is to live where you might be

broken wide, wide open

Silver Star

Written By: gerry mckeveny

to say that i knew him
i hesitate
never talked much to him
then it was too late
i sift through scatterings
in search of clues
to this day gathering
these precious few

the silver star
never saw daylight
the silver star
was tucked away in a drawer
he usually drove a used car
rarely went out at night
never asked for nothin'
for the silver star

born the youngest of nine
in '24
like the young men of his time
fought in the war
tossed by the merciless tide
of history
what he held inside
will remain a mystery


what were his dreams and plans?
what did he feel when they slipped through his hands?
what made him question why?
what made him cry?

to say i didn't know him
seems a bit insane
when it's his blood that's flowin'
through these veins
could be i need no more
for the knowledge i seek
than these things i know for sure
and the volumes they speak



High Road(CD)-Recorded in 1996 with musical partner Joe Caggiano. Selected cuts can be heard on

Healing Season(CD)-All-instrumental solo acoustic guitar CD recorded in 2002. Available at