Gerry Thompson/ The Color Of Skies

Gerry Thompson/ The Color Of Skies


Hi...I'm Gerry Thompson. I write the songs for the Color Of Skies. Which is NJ's only CigarBox Guitar / Americana / Folk group. Sound confusing? It isn't...we sing songs about hard people and rough lives on homemade guitars and tenor guitars etc., We kinda play music to drink yer breakfast to.


Nobody sounds like us! I am a 3 chord hillbillie and sound like Roy Rogers on cheap wine. Rob adds almost a rock aspect to it. We try to be funny and sad at the same time. My influences are Alan Hull, Townes Van Zandt and Richard Thompson.


New CD out now. "LEAVE ME ALONE". Email for info

Set List

I like to break it up. Slow sad songs first, drinking songs next, then some humor...perhaps something about shooting your wife or drinking cologne. We rarely do covers...maybe "Bike" by syd Barrett.