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Gerschweyn Matthews

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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1. "Gerschweyn's music will definitely be like nothing you've heard before, and this new CD is well worth a listen. The music is beautiful and sultry and defies any of the usual categorizations. His vocals and lyrics only add to the amazing experience."
Randy Frank - Itunes Customer

2. "I really enjoy this record. I cant wait for the short film and follow up. If your looking for some ambient, thought provoking, intelligent and philosophical this is for you."
Gary Dawson - Itunes Customer

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"Alone in the Dark Composer - Olivier Deriviere"

"Keep up the good work and hold on to your dreams!!!" - Olivier Deriviere


1. Geppetto (Single) - 2007

2. My Prozac Binge (Single) - 2007

3. Letter to Tom Cruise (Single) - 2008

4. God in 'n Woud (Novalty Track and Video) - 2009

5. Strategies of Retribution Regarding Devil Worship in the New World (Single) - 2009

6. The Soul Remains (Film Score) - 2009

7. Die Probleem met Picasso (Short Album Pre- Release Edition) - 2009



Gerschweyn Matthews is a South African Remodernist Singer - Songwriter, Film Composer, Screen Writer and Actor. A digital pre-release rendition of his debut experimental album film project (AFP) called, "Die Probleem met Picasso" is out now on Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby and a host of other online distributors. Short Film "Die Probleem met Picasso" is set for screening at a select few Indie Film Festivals in the USA and abroad as from June 2010.

Gerschweyn was born and raised in a small Cape Town village called Firgrove and grew up with his mother and father; Margaret and Hubert Matthews and 4 brothers and sisters; Avory, Jessica, Larry and Cammi-Ann Matthews. The family is of Dutch, African, Irish and Malaysian decent hence Gerschweyn speaks and sings in Afrikaans (a Dutch and dialect), Dutch and English. Gerschweyn started playing the piano at age 9 and excelled in the instrument at school after a music education teacher advised the family on the matter of Gerschweyn's promising talent. In Apartheid South Africa, the family could not afford a piano during Gerschweyn’s primary tutelage. The determent 9 year old took to a pile of dirt in the back of the family house. He drew piano keys in sand so as to practice his prescribe work. Gerschweyn sang regularly at school and church events ( a gift he inherited from his grand father John and his father Hubert; both accomplished singers and songwriters). Gerschweyn’s father is a retired Priest. There is no doubt that his very religious up bringing has played an enormous part in “cultivating” his grievances regarding Religion. His now infamous quote, “ Bjork is to me what masturbation is to the Pope...and I love her dearly” is just one example of how this timid yet purposefully very rebellious artist ruffles the feathers of establishment.

Matthews went on to study at the University of Cape Town majoring in Analytic Philosophy and Comparative Religious Studies. He minored in Psychology, Theater and Film. It becomes very apparent when listening to the singer perform or work on new material that he is very much a self loather. Nothing that he composes is ever good enough and somehow this affliction is what undoubtedly makes him a true artist, a questioner, a revolutionist. Better put in his own words, “...I’m just a monkey with two tricks up the sleeve; bad piano playing and even worse singing.” Currently Matthews is finishing work on a Normative Philosophy Theory regarding the purpose of creating and recording music. “Remodernist Music” is a short paper with which Gerschweyn seeks to investigate “his method behind the madness” so as if to clarifying his very modern and avant garde ideas on the nature of composing, recording an performing.

Within the first half of 2010 the singer is scheduled to release the full album edition of “Die Probleem met Picasso. ” The accompanying film short titled, “Die Probleem met Picasso - End Cycle” is set to follow suit. Within the second half of the year 2010 he is scheduled to release his second AFP called, “The Surgeon’s Photograph” which consists of a short musical styled film and experimental short album with the same title. He is publishing “Remodernist Music” in June 2010 (tentatively) and has recently started recording sessions on a third AFP set for release towards the end of 2010; title unknown on date of going to press. His film compositions can be heard in play and screen writer Gaia Farnam’s latest metaphysical drama, “The Souls Remains,“ having work along side composer and soundscape artist DJ Pennington on the project which debut at the Blue Theater Austin Texas in August of 2009. Gerschweyn Matthews is very keen on doing more work in film (and the growing video game market) in the context of scoring as interesting and challenging opportunities arise. For more information on Gerschweyn Matthews visit with him on Facebook and be sure to read up on the Gerschweyn Matthews Official Blog.