Gestir entered the Faroese rock scene as unusual act with its focus on keeping the Faroese language as an important part of their music. The music is intense, melodic, very ambient and cinematic with a classical touch, but still definitely rocks.


Formed in the autumn of 2002, Gestir have since proven to be one of the most successful Faroese rock bands to emerge in recent years. Musically as well as lyrically, Gestir entered the Faroese rock scene as an unusual act, not least with the focus on singing in Faroese. Gestir have so far played at some of the most prestigious places to play in Scandinavia. In April 2003, six months after the band was formed, Gestir won the biggest musical contest in the Faroe Islands. The band recorded a live demo in August 2005, and the summer of 2006, their critically-acclaimed debut album was released. Upon releasing the debut album, "Burtur frá toftunum", Gestir have since landed a worldwide management deal in London, where the band is currently promoting itself at its new homebase. The band has also landed a distribution deal in Denmark, Sweden and a booking deal for Europe. And the writing process for a second album has begun. This is due to come out in 2008.

Review quotes=

"... intensely compelling, laser-souled..." -The Fly
"Indie rock at its best" -Gaffa, 5/6
"... Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke have had sex - the proof is their bastard Gestir ..." -M!, 4/5
"Captivating (...) kaleidoscopic" -Drowned In Sound


Our debut album: "Burtur frá toftunum" is mixed by mixing engineer Gareth Parton, who amongst others has worked with The GO! Team, Placebo, The Killers, The Futureheads & Death In Vegas.
The album is mastered by mastering engineer Miles Showell. During his time, Miles has worked with such artists as Portishead, The Eurythmics, Fat Boy Slim, Faithless, George Michael, The White Stripes, Gorillaz & Moloko to mention but a few.

Set List

The Gestir set list contains the feeling of capturing the audience by creating an intense, dynamic journey of emotions. Often including film & video material as background, Gestir produce an impressive stage performance. If covers: Jeff Buckley and the like.