Get Back Loretta

Get Back Loretta


Winner of coveted award for “Best New Artist” at the 2005 San Diego Music Awards, GET BACK LORETTA has been featured on “FOX ROX” TV show, GBL has attracted the attention of industry insiders and fans alike!


Get Back Loretta is often described as: The Beatles meets Queen. Get Back Loretta's unpretentious nature is evident in a cutting edge sound that is both upbeat and refreshingly soulful. After less than two years as a group, Get Back Loretta's engaging stage presence, unique songwriting abilities, and powerful vocals have already begun to attract the attention of industry insiders. They have received rave reviews from Absolute Punk, made an appearance on FOX ROX (Foxs underground music show), discussed their future goals on the local FM 94/9 Sunday interview with Tim Pyles, rocked a sold-out Troubadour with indie giant Circa Survive, and won the coveted best new artist award at the San Diego Music Awards in 2005. In a recent review of the Get Back Loretta EP in the magazine San Diego CityBeat, Troy Johnson wrote, I thought I had discovered the best unknown band in San DiegoBest out-of-nowhere goodness Ive heard While we tend to agree with his assessment, the current success the band enjoys has its concrete genesis in the prior experiences of its members. Formed in September 2003, Get Back Loretta is comprised of Steven Bradford (vocals/bass,) Kevin Martin (vocals, piano,) Isaac Cass (drums,) and Ben Johnston (guitar,). Steven Bradford, always knew that he wanted to be a musician and a star in his own right. What he really wanted was to revitalize the music of the great bands of the 60s and 70s. For the task, Bradford commissioned long time friend Ben Johnston to play the role of tasteful guitar-smith. In search of a tight drummer, Steven enlisted Isaac Cass, whom he had met during a previous tour. Isaacs youthful charm and expert drum chops would be instrumental to the bands aura. Still needing more core members, Steven remembered his talented friend Kevin Martin from Jack the Original. So he decided to call Kevin up to see if he'd want to play some music. They quickly connected as a songwriting duo and the four began to collaborate.


Self Titled EP (Pacific Records) 2006
Over the Wall (Pacific Records) 2006

Set List

All originals from a 20 minute set to an hour and a half headlining spot. Also able to play a variety of covers upon request.

Sample Set:
Caught in the Middle
Mr. Brown
As I lay
Ninety Five
Over The Wall
Gotta Believe