Get Down

Get Down


We write sincere music that is real and has substance to it. We feel we have a sound that is different from others.


We are from Omaha, Nebraska. We are a rock band and we write music that has meaning and substance to it. We don't do what we do to try to get famous, but because we love the music we write together. Our big influences are Weatherbox, Saves the Day, Loom, Manchester Orchestra, The Starting Line, etc. We have recorded 2 EP's and are currently awaiting the release of our second one titled "Say Hello to Missing Home" which will be released either in Feb. or March. We are currently writing songs for a full-length record. We have self-funded everything, from 2 EP's to 6 midwest tours. We are hard working, and although we have run into many difficulties, always find ways around them.


We released "This One's For You" EP in June of 2008. "Say Hello to Missing Home" EP will be released in February or March of 2010. Our song 370 has seen pretty good local radio play.

Set List

We never really have a set 'set list'. We like to change up the songs we play, usually 5 or 6 songs, depending on time limits.