Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Real life in every word and bar . Heavy southern influence a definite ear catcher . Music to fit your everyday journey .


Born Larry Jameel Burton on september 27th 1989 to Mother Jackie Burton in the highly musical influenced city of Atlanta, Georgia was a star in the making. Since his early years of adolescence Jameel has always been a talented individual. He began playing the drums at age seven which led him to his ability of rapping. Transitioning from his younger years, at age 11 he had written his first rap. With his consistency in his musical ability Jameel found spoken word over a melodic rhythm to be his outlet. What couldn't be accepted in normal dialogue could be expressed over a hook that made people listen voluntarily. Realizing how his style of art impacted others, Jameel gained confidence in his craft through the support of his peers. With support from close friends and family Jameel went on to further his education at the prestigious Alabama State University. Though his time there was short, Jameel was able to network and and connect with a select few who were also interested in music. After a year Jameel knew he was destined to make it and decided to part ways with his newly found networks and post secondary education. Returning home would only allow Jameel to focus primarily on his craft and produce music that would naturally tell a story of the daily struggles we endure. With heavy influences from the southern sound of hip hop and artist such as Lil John, Pastor Troy, Outkast, and Ludacris, Jameel wanted to contribute to this sound in his own unique way. From free styling in grade school to recording Jameel plans to stay true to his own sound. Living by his motto of "By all means" Jameel has taking on a persevering mentality that will only guarantee his success. "Music is my everything without there's there's no telling where my life would be ." - Jameel


Drummer Keep Drummin

Written By: Jameel

Drummer keep drummin nah i aint stoppin im comin
get in the way im truckin
not worried bout wat u sayin im buckin
fuck fussin
the grind is live and we on it
(cant be scared of nothin we want it
gotta go get it tell the drummer keep drummin )2x

anywhere that you like

Written By: Jameel

i say tonight's your nite girl
imma put it dwn rock your world
we can do it over there
or anywhere that you like

Home Of The Brave

Written By: Jameel ft Atl Dre Day

Straight out the A TLANT A Knuck if you buck and get stuck boy we dnt play
ill be here til the day they bury me in my grave
imma shine dnt throw no shade
iimma straight rider dnt fuck wit me
catch me switchn lanes in my SUV
Fuck lames the real fuck wit me


Written By: Jameel

im in the club and im drunk as fuck
i dnt give a fuck middle fingers up
nigga wats up like
im in the club and im drunk as fuck
bitch wats up
put ya hands up if u fucked up like

Last Forever

Written By: Jameel ft Flytastik ,

(simply repeats ) Nothin lasts forever


Get FaMEELiar ( Mixtape)
Drummer Keep Drummin ( single)