Get It Right - LEA

Get It Right - LEA

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Urban Contemporary Folk. bee warned! This ain't your Mama's or your Papa's Folk.


bigBEE Records is a fledging label out of Silver Spring, MD.
We are very proud to present our first project and know that you will enjoy LEA - Get It Right.

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Get It Right

Written By: LEA

Wake up in a dangerous fog.
Drink some coffee. Walk the dog
in an eyes at half mast good dreams never last daze.

Watch the weather channel. Eat an egg
Put your pants on one leg at a time.
Like everybody, never want to hear nobody say,

"Love sucks. You messed up. That girl was the best thing you ever had.
Got the rest of your life to feel bad."

Walk in, look around. It's all quiet, except the sound of a couple hundred drones on the telephone
All you wanted was some peace of mind and a great big piece of the pie
What you got was a lot of nothing and a 30 year loan.
Work sucks. You look up. What happened to that great idea you used to have?
It's a like a full time occupation with you feeling bad.

If this were the last day of your life, would it be the best day of your life?
You got 24 hours to get it right.

Lunch hour, you eat alone. There's no one calling on your new iphone,
but you got the greatest hits and the latest fads.
You can't wait for the bell to ring. That's always everybody's favorite thing.
But you got nowhere to go and you wont be getting there fast
Traffic sucks. You look up. What happened to all that time you used to have?
You got 57 minutes to sit there feeling bad.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to god that you don't weep over lost love, lost time and dreams deferred.
You got to get yourself a new idea, good love, a true career.
Got to put your mind on something that makes you feel good.

Falling Down

Written By: LEA

Angie works the tightrope. She's a circus superstar. You will find her amazing, it don't matter who you are. For the old and jaded she's the best thing that they got. Everybody loves her, if they wanted to or not. Even if she stumbles, you wont see her looking down. She never finds her answers on the ground.
She's not afraid of falling down.
Stephen is a wonder, standing nearly 9 feet high. He's humble and he's holy, he can almost touch the sky. I believe his secret's in the balance that he's found. He stands with stilted feet on solid ground.
One step, so small. Let go. That's all.


Written By: LEA

Tie her down, she'll fly away. Tightly now. Tie her down. Before she sees there's no good reason to stay. Spread her wings out on the floor. Quickly now, tie her down. Before she sees the world is so much more than what you gave her. You're so afraid of letting go. I know, you never can be sure of anything.

I recall not long ago, waking up and looking up into the bright blue day and sunshine. You'll never be quite what you want or what you were just because, your dreams were never right for daylight. All that you sought here has disappeared into the grey blue light of day although you tried, little one. You tried to touch the sun. You learn in time that on waxen wings, you never can be sure of anything.

Pull together what you need. What you got may not be a lot. You've found eternal life in paraffin. All is illusion is one conclusion I have reached, too far to fall, too full to fail. You might as well go on and try...

If this is all I taught you, don't be afraid of letting go.

Set List

1. Get It Right
2. Falling Down
3. Real Thing
4. Icarus
5. Mama Knows
6. Superstar
7. Hold On
8. On Top of the World
9. Rose
10. What You've Done For Me
11. Spinning