Get Lifted

Get Lifted

 San Antonio, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Get lifted is a breath of fresh air in the hip hop community of South Texas. With a progressive mix of energetic vocals and quality production, B.Chenz and Marcel deliver real hip hop in the Heart of Texas.


Growing up in San Antonio, Brandon Chenoweth and Marcel Pean, have been exposed to every type of music out there. The genre of Hip Hop has caught their attention and impacted them in such a way that they now dedicate a significant part of their lives to creating fresh beats and rhymes everyone can bob their heads to. After Get Lifted’s producer, Isaac Arquieta, introduced these two in high school, they have been writing verses and performing songs in local shops and talent competitions to raise interest in possible fans and build experience as artists. Since their first performance, Get Lifted has been opening minds with their unique style and innovative lyrics in order to establish a new kind of fundamental nature to the hip hop game. They’re ready to introduce themselves to the world by dropping their first single, "Move to Music". This vibrant duo out of south Texas hopes to encourage young artists, impress long-standing musical influences, and flood radio stations with exclusive hits while also developing a respectable name for there selves. Despite their modest history in the music industry, they’ve managed to generate authentically pure tunes by lyrically broadcasting a variety of topics over an eclectic flock of beats. Once you hear a song of theirs, you’ll find yourself tapping your foot or humming the melody of the chorus; validating that this is in fact move to music, as promised.

Set List

The Rain
He's NIce
The Offspring
Spoken word
Killin the Beat
Get Lifted
Move To Music