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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Although we’re still in the era of weird dances, cute hooks, and bright skinny jeans, Get Loot hasn’t fallen victim to the Hollywood fishbowl. Under the influence of 90’s hip hop artists such as Jeru Tha Damaja, Blackmoon and Wutang Clan, Get Loot signifies the true meaning of real hip hop.

Thriving off of their unmatched lyricism, and doing things with words that the average person doesn’t normally think can be done. Get Loot steady holds their alliteration, internal, and metaphorical rhymes at the top of the lyricism tree.

“We don’t consider Get Loot having one stand out member. Our one of a kind swagger, and style, comes in one package, we’re a body” the group agreed, during an informal chat last weekend.

Born and raised in suburban Keswick, Get Loot’s “body” includes members Corey Tito (Foul Mouth The Great, 22), Taylor Sillito (Truth, 23), RJ Eagleson (Rhymyn Ryght, 23), and last but definitely not least Lateefa Scott, 21.

Don’t underestimate them; Get Loot’s “body” isn’t any normal “body,” each member brings something unique to the table. This in turn, leads them to blowing up every venue they attend!

“Our body is like no other! Although Foul Mouth and Truth play the roles of the head and mouth of our group, they can adapt to any given beat and environment. When Rhymyn Rhyght vibes, we can’t help but label him the cerebral cortex of our body. We simply don’t know anyone else who can balance top notch rhymes, and beats like Rhymyn Rhyght. Following a built body, Lateefa brings the eyes and soul to Get Loot! She has the ability to balance any melody, and tone on the mic, like no other” the group says.

“It was an idea brewing in the pot, and the back of our minds as youths. Now it’s fully cooked and ready to be served to the masses” says the group.

As youths, all members from Get Loot initially started off as solo artists and attended area schools. RJ Eagleson, Lateefa Scott, and Corey Tito, all attended Keswick High School as teens. Maintaining mutual friendships with each other throughout high school, gave them the opportunity to experiment with their unique styles, and one of a kind sounds together. Thus giving RJ Eagleson (Rhymyn Rhyght) a push in the right direction, where he branched off to follow his passion.

Rhymyn Ryght was also in a group known as “Knyghts Of Tha Fire” at the time. The group was initially a musically inclined trial idea, which helped in gaining exposure, get their sound out there, and eventually gaining recognition from corresponding local artists. Local recognition not only aided RJ Eagleson, in networking with similar local talent. It also lead him to meet similar aspiring lyricists, and work with fellow hip hop fanatics on and off the record (Corey Tito, Taylor Sillito and Lateefa Scott).

After casually meeting with Corey Tito (Foul Mouth Tha Great), Taylor Sillito (Truth), and Lateefa Scott, they started collaborating together. Surprisingly, they made a flawless fit for Knyghts Of Tha Fire and became informal members in 2007. The whole group eventually started performing at local venues, where they perfected their sound, and molded together to create an unparalleled style.

“It all started new years of 2008. We were all at a wild party, where other local hip hop musicians were performing. We then thought to ourselves, we want to hear ourselves and bring the party to us. That’s when, where, and how we came about creating Get Loot” commented Taylor Sillito.

“Our music has evolved so much since Knyghts Of Tha Fire, in the sense that our material is 100% original, and we’re now a formal group. We are now one, and foremost all friends” says Corey Tito of Get Loot.

Get Loot commented on one of their most memorable shows at The White Rabbit, describing it as “unforgettable, we just loved watching the crowd flow, and bop their heads to our music. We had a packed house, and to top things off, a huge crowd joined us on stage.”

If that isn’t enough an indicator that Get Loot is blowing up the airwaves, than keep reading. Get Loot has released 2 mix tapes within 2009 to current (MASS DESTRUCTION: 2010 & MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND: 2009). To add the icing on the cake, they’ve also released multiple solo mix tapes. All group mix tapes have been discontinued at the moment due to re-construction issues in the studio.

Rhymyn Rhyght (RJ Eagleson), has currently racked up 4 mix tapes (Poison Darts: 2008, Northern Lights: 2009, MMX: 2010 and MPC VS PTP:2010). Foul Mouth (Corey Tito), also has 1 mix tape (Shut up & press play). Not to mention Truth (Taylor Sillito) and Lateefa Scott, who are also currently working on their debut solo mix tapes (“Nothing but the Truth” and “The Angel”).

“Our main goal as Get Loot is to keep progressing with our music, display our passion for hip hop and its culture through all of our upcoming shows, and eventually be heard by the world. If we could give any advice to up and coming hip hop musicians, the most important thing to remember is respect, and always stay in contact with your vision” they all agreed.

“We’d like to send a thank you out to our friends, family, and all our fans that have been down with us since day one. You guys inspire us to make music, you’re the reason we’re out doing shows every week, thank you all very much for your support!” – Get Loot

You can check Get Loot out at, , or on, key words: Get Loot

Sound Bites

Sounds like: The Beatnutz meets Dialated Peoples
Side Projects: Currently working on another upcoming mix tape this year, alongside their solo mix tapes.

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*GetLoot has made older mixtapes in the past , We took them off the internet to put them thru a professional studio and remake our old tracks and put them to new instrumentals , Since we are working with new producers and a whole new team. PRIDE will be GetLoot's official demo*

GetLoot : Pride is set to be released early 2011.



Get Loot was founded January 1, 2007 with the idea of promoting and hosting our own parties and social events to entertain people in our community, Georgina, Ontario. We came up with this idea because at the time we felt that there was not much entertainment and no visible or established hip hop scene in our community. Knowing many artists locally that were already making their own music, eventually we decided instead of entertaining people with songs you hear on the radio or buy at the store that we should concentrate our efforts on promoting our own message and establishing a hip hop community where we live.

Get Loot consists of: Foulmouth the Great, Truth, Rhymyn Right and Lateefa Scott. Being influenced by the legends of hip hop, Get Loot strives to make good music and succeed in life . We want to make people dance, bop , break your neck and pretty much just feel good after you hear us. These three emcee's and their singer have joined forces to become one of the most exciting, entertaining, and authentic hip hop groups you will ever find, but much more than that, it's made them into the best of friends and a Get Loot family.

Recent Updates: December - 24th - 2010

- GetLoot is currently in the studio professionally recording our first official demo with Eyerize Entertainment. Tracks are done but we are waiting for the tracks to be mixed and mastered (Tracks in the "Audio" section at the moment are rough mixes done at our home studio , Mixed and Mastered music coming soon)

- GetLoot just had a show at the El Mocambo Friday.December.17th.2010 , Amazing Turnout that night. Check our website for our promo interview and live in studio performance of "Pride" done at Glenmore Records.