Get Lost

Get Lost


Get Lost is a rock band that features steel drums. A little funky, a little jammy and a whole lot of fun, Get Lost commands sweet harmonies and thick grooves that will keep your body moving and your head bobbing.


Get Lost was started in early 2005 by Tim Marsh (electric guitar and lead vocals) and included Ben Bjorlie (bass and backing vocals) and Nik Hope (drums and backing vocals). Intending to be a funk-rock group to support Marsh’s growing original repertoire, Get Lost instantly took on a mind of it’s own.

It was at their very first gig in hometown Boone, NC; Get Lost met their new, surprise member Jonathan Scales (steel pans). Scales performed with Get Lost the entire night and quite naturally explored the infinite possibilities of funk steel pans. A perfect addition to Get Lost, the entrancing steel pans gave the group an aural distinction all it’s own. Over the next several months Get Lost grew into a sound that was completely new to everyone involved.

When Get Lost decided later that year to record their eight-song EP, they once again augmented their sound. Get Lost added a three-piece horn section, the High Country Horns in the studio and subsequently at special live events. With The High Country Horns, Get Lost leaned even more towards a soulful New Orleans sound.

Now residing in Asheville, NC, Get Lost perseveres to further develop their sound and continues to perform their one of a kind live shows.


Get Lost EP

Set List

Get Lost performs almost entirely original sets augmented by the occasional cover.

Typical shows range from two to three sets about an hour each.

Song List

Work It Out
Ask Around
Inside of You
New Waltz
You're Never Lost
Mind Over Matter
Goodbye Blues
One for the Money
Last Night at the Filmore
Hey Now
Drinking Man's Blues