Get Money Boys

Get Money Boys

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Get Money Boys are the next big thing in rap music. These four Midwestern born rhyme sayers have created a sound that is sure to take the rap game to another level. The style and charisma generated by these artist will be talked about for years to come.


Get money boys are sure to bring the next big movement into the world of hip hop. This group is the evolution of B Boy, Hustler, Baller, Thug music. The style is a mixture of Junior Mafia swagger, Hot Boys bounce, NWA gangsta, and Dipset culture. The versatility is tremendous and the song treatment is incredible. This group has the ability to reproduce any type of emotional effect by crafting lyrical content, street appeal, creative ingenious, and down to earth content. Get Money Boys' music has the ability to cause a polar shift in the game. There is a wealth of talent embeded in this group. They will be sure to turn heads in the near future.

These four artists met randomly in Cincinnati, OH. Ryknow G was going to school at the University of Cincinnati. He linked up with Fatboy aka J Onez and created the independent record label Major L.E.A.G.U.E. Media. D.A. and Kasanova were introduced to the group by a friend of Ryknow's. The sound began to come together like magic and everyone just knew it was meant to be. The group completed an extremely hot industry standard album in about 8 weeks, which proves that this group has what it takes to make it in the big leagues. All production, mixing, and mastering is done by the group which makes this group the hottest commodity on the market. It would be a shame for this much talent not to make it in the game. PLAN ON USING A MINIMAL BUDGET WITH THIS BUNCH!!! They do it all!