Get Real

Get Real

BandRockCover Band

Classic Rock/Blues/Metal Band, 2 Female Vocalists. We pride ourselves on performance, appearance, and professional musicianship. We've been a band for over 10 years, and we know over 3 sets worth of music. We are open to doing shows any time!


GET REAL is an eclectic representation of many cover tunes and originals from diverse genres. This band performs every song professionaly; with accuracy and style that is rare amongst live bands. All band members are serious studio musicians, as well as live entertainers, and have been produced to maintain their professionalism regardless of surrounding activities, in the tradition of “The Show Must Go On!” Get Real performs with enthusiasm and a friendly positive relationship with their audience, respective of the event’s theme. They customize their song lists as appropriate to their clientele’s venue, from their long repertoire of songs mastered over many years of performing experience. Get Real's youthful energy and accomplished musicianship inspires their audience to stop and pay attention, get up and dance, move to the music in some way, or even participate in the song somehow. Get Real invites and encourages audience participation and brings out excitement from within all who can hear them. GET REAL has performed in various venues, from clubs and private events, to festivals; a Kid Rock’s Motorcycle Run benefit concert for cancer, and as an opening band for Badfinger. They always dress appropriate for any event from children to adults.


Get Real has released a 13 song CD of Original Music, produced in a Professional Recording Studio.