Just some corner boys from South Philly looking to be the best they can be. Real takes the street level humor, attitude and experience and slaps it around a driving beat, guitar and melody hooks and backs it with a heart pounding performance creating a scene in and of themselves.


Real is the conscious connection between the love of music and friendship. Originally a power trio from South Philly, Real has morphed and changed through the years. The only constant that remains is their undying love of music, which comes to life during their hard charging live performances. Whether performing at intimate parties during the once a month Philly Stir Fry Live or as a regional headliner - Real puts it all out there for the fans.

Its back to basics for Real in their latest release "Not Again," as the band returns to its power trio roots. "Not Again" joins the line up of Real CDs as yet another example of the band performing songs stemming from personal experience. Anger, joy, sadness, pain and love all come through in Real's latest release.

Alone, Real is three guys and a bunch of hardware; on stage - Real is magic. The band continues on their journey to be seen and heard, converting everyday people into fans after experiencing the "magic," and becoming "Realized."

Buckle up and come along for the ride.


Until Your Home Again, 2001
I Blame You, 2004
13, 2006
Not Again, 2007

Set List

Our set list ranges from the typical 30 to 40 minutes power set for clubs that feature 3-5 bands or two 50 min sets when required. We are all original and take pride in our live performances.