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"Topeka Artist Raps For God"

Topeka artist raps for God
By Corey Jones
Created August 2, 2009 at 4:26pm

Updated August 2, 2009 at 5:16pm
Life wasn't doing it for Ron Haggerty.

Haggerty, a 1998 Highland Park graduate, had been doing music since he could remember and even released a secular rap album in 2003 called "Life in the making."

However, he felt like a marionette just going through the motions, not receiving the enjoyment he wanted to get out of life and his music. So, in 2005 he decided to stop making it all about himself.

"The only thing that the world has to offer is temporary," Haggerty said of what he learned when he decided to be saved in 2005. "When I tried God 100 percent, that's when I started getting the full enjoyment."

Now Haggerty locally performs Christian rap. Since being saved he has released two Christian rap albums. "i Got Favor" he released in 2006. The lowercase i symbolizes the album isn't about Haggerty. The second one, called "Life in the making starring...God," he released March 20, 2009. Haggerty took the title from his first album and made God the star.

"When I did my 'Life in the making,' all the focus, all the attention was on me," Haggerty said. "But now, 'Life in the making starring...God,' all the attention is on God. God gets all the glory instead of me."

Haggerty has attended Faith Temple Church, 1162 S.W. Lincoln St., since 2005 and usually performs there the first Sunday of each month at the church's Radical Sunday.

Haggerty, who goes by RH on stage, said his latest album is high-energy excitement for the Lord. His two Christian albums can be found at Above All Books & Gifts in White Lakes Mall and Hastings or online at

While working in the customer service department of the Department of Veteran Affairs, Haggerty finds time to pursue his music and would like to make it more of a full-time gig in the future.

He performs in Kansas City and around Topeka, adding that Christian rap is a new genre for Topeka and hasn't really taken off yet because it's not well known. He's trying to set up a tour and says there is progress with the possibility of getting his music on the airwaves in Kansas City.

"I just have to go out there and (people) just have to see what I'm doing," Haggerty said.

Haggerty makes overtures to churches to see if any youths are interested in hearing his music and message. Most recently, the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex in North Topeka played host to Haggerty on Saturday.

"Just to see the transformation of an individual, to see them be excited about my ministry and also to just be a witness for God and the gift he has given me -- that is a very great thing," Haggerty said.

Haggerty said he hopes through music to relate to youth with his ministry and spread the Gospel of Jesus. He wants to show youths there is an avenue to live life with God and still have fun.

"Just because you accept Jesus in your life, and God as your savior, you don't have to stop doing what you do," Haggerty said. "I did music before, but now I do it for the Lord."

Corey Jones can be reached at 295-5612 or
Craig Jones - Topeka Capital Journal - The Topeka Capital Journal


i Got Favor - 2006-Freshman CD

Life in the making starring...God- 2009
Sophmore CD

Still the name of Jesus- Junior CD



The truth is i'm a filthy rag cleansed from a filthy past, born in it, lived in it, no limit, saw it did it, crooked with it, go get it, bold with it, cold with it, there he go you know I did, something happened no I didn't, I GOT JESUS!

God Hop... a move of God. RH is an upcoming christian artist from Topeka, KS that seeks to lift the name of Jesus higher. He wants to do his work in the Kingdom of God by being a living example transforming lives using the vehicle of rap. God has given RH the gift of rap to minister to intergenerational and multicultural audiences. RH began rapping for God in 2006 after he gave His life totally to the Lord. Before Christ RH was living a life of fornication, greed, drugs, chasing money and seeking the treasures of this world. He went to Jacksonville, FL in November 2004 to work on his cd titled "Still Ticking" after he released his first cd "Life in the making"... in late 2003. Both cds he made while in the world glorifying himself. Then, something happened when he was ready to put out his second cd! RH discovered God's lovingkindness and decided to stop running and run into God arms. March 2005 RH surrendered His life to God and He has been wrapped up, tied up, every since to Jesus Christ after accepting Him as Lord and Savior. In December 2006 "i Got Favor" was the first cd released since RH has been on the Lord's side. RH then followed that with his sophmore cd entitled "Life in the making starring...God". You will find singles such as: God Can Work It Out, Your Love, Go Bananas and I Can that will have you praising God as the songs minister to your soul. RH loves ministering in rap, doing shows to glorify God and just having fun in the Lord while enjoying His Spirit. RH is also a volunteer at the Kansas Juvenile Correction Facility. He has a Christian Bible Study and Christian Rap/Poetry Group.