get small

get small


We love loud guitars and hooks that stay in your head for days on end. Our favorite description is "retro-indie."


All five members of get small grew up within 50 miles of downtown Atlanta, so it's only natural that we cut our music teeth on bands like REM, Drivin' n' Cryin', Guadalcanal Diary and Dreams So Real. North Georgia is fertile ground for good rock music. That may be what drew everyone back like a giant speaker magnet to Atlanta proper after sojourns away for schooling, sorting things out, and self discovery.

We like bands like Superchunk, Built To Spill, Silver Jews, Centro-matic, Silkworm, Varnaline, The Wrens.


Current 4 song demo CD...we give these out free at our shows. EP coming soon!

Set List

Typical Set List: Skin - Like Everyone - Hated - Gun - Punch - Radar - Don't Wish - Flooded

We typically play a 40-45 minute set