Gettendeep is all about a high energy show (without breaking things) and lyrics that make every listener feel like the music is about their life.


Gettendeep has been together for six years and has been heavily performing all over Florida for the majority of that time. With very positive responses from the out of state shows they perform Gettendeep is pushing more towards performing all over the south east united states versus such heavy touring of Florida


Gettendeep is currently pushing their third album entitled "Empty Faces" that was mastered and produced by award winning producer Ulrich Wild, This album is currently receiving internet radio airplay on seven internet radio stations, we have been featured twice in Daytona, Floridas on the rock station HOGFM. Streaming media is available for purchase at

Set List

Our standard set list is 43 minutes of music and can be shortened or greatly extended according to the needs of the venue. We have a total of 110 minutes of originals that can be done at anytime without specified notice if another act cancels a show. Our set list for out of town shows is as follows.

1000 Tricks
Break Free
Broken Child
Against the Wall

Occasionaly if Gettendeep is limited to a forty five minute set and another band has run short by a few minutes, they will include their unique cover of Zombie, originaly performed and recorded by The Crannberries