Get Wet Stay Wet

Get Wet Stay Wet


We're a band that has so many things going on, it's hard to even be a band! Screenwriting, accounting, singing, economics, but we'll record the songs, release them, and take credit, but the music is yours. WE ARE THE PIONEERS OF BLUE COLLAR POP MUSIC.


We came together to record with producer Chris Candy in August, '08, and since then our music has taken off without playing a single show. If we could, we would, but we're all doing other stuff that pays well so we'll do what we can. We want to pioneer a new generation of pop music, which we call blue collar pop. We think the new economy is ready for a band that is relevant and produces quality music for the listeners.


Last Rights

Written By: David Kob

Today, it ain't what I'm used to.
Your bags are thrown down in my bedroom, my bedroom that's caving in.
You're all it takes, to make mistakes, habits of wasting away...
Where's the fault in that line? Where's the fault in that line? Where's the man that I used to look up to, look up to?
But you, you've got it all in here.
You've got it bad it's contagious.
You've got a lot on me brother.
Today, is the day you're gonna get up and get going in this fight.
Today, is the day you're gonna rock 'em and read 'em their last rights.
We'll be breaking, and breaking out.
Won't be keeping it, keeping it down.
We'll be making it, making it loud.

Hit the Brakes

Written By: David Kob

If you want to hear the world
From the side of your doubts
You better hit the brakes now
If you want the best of me
Then you better let it out
If you want to change the world
From the guide of your mouth
You better his the brakes now
Your talk is just testing me
And if makes me want to shout
You got everything you wanted
You bought everything with one bid
I ain't mad at what you got
I just want you to stop if i've been led on
All im saying is i dont want to waste your time
but if you're kickin it here youre keeping me in mind
and babe i know how it goes and i want to say
hey, if i ain't your taste, that's fine
if you want to strike a match from a talk to a glow
you better up the stakes now
if you start second guessing me youll never lose your doubt
if you want to strike a match from a glow to a torch
you better burn the stakes down
if you cant take arresting me then youll never shake me out

Riot on an Empty Stomach

Written By: David Kob

There's a fire it's alive in your tender eyes, but you're broke when you bust in.
Where's your pride if you hide when you're satisfied?
It's all I ever see around.
If you're fired and you're wired use it all the time, don't keep it in come on bust it out.
It's your right you gotsta be in, god damn it's the way to go...
Now is the time, now is the time to be young if it kills you
Now is the time to be young if it makes you move out of the light and into the dark to say, it's all on me
When you're right you riot, on an empty stomach
When you're full you're quiet cause it never meant as much to you.

And we're born and we're bred to give in to doubt, even more we got invested now
And getting old I ain't sold on what I been told, that there's nothing we care about.
So let's take it back then and make it right, show em all that we're not that type at all, to give in to what we're given, god damn it's how I get off.


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Last Rights
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