A band that restores the fundamentals to their music. A vision that aims to arouse the curiosity and creativity of the listener. An original heavy metal/progressive rock sound. Gevurah maintains a commerical appeal while avoiding any trends or banality.


Gevurah was formed in mid 2006 in Denver Colorado, and as of recent shown they are a provocative and persevering band to take notice of.

Embracing and working the local scene, Gevurah has proven themselves as a powerful addition to the Denver sound. Passionately mixing progressive ideas with a heavy edge, the band provides an exciting and energetic experience to their audience. Consistant promotion combined with determined and arduous individuals has left everyone who has witnessed the band intriuged and coming back for more.

Gevurah is composed of guitarist Dave Oberry, John Williams, Jason Koller, drummer Julio Garcia and frontman Ben Mckibben. With influences including bands such as Meshuggah, Filter, Deftones, Tool, and Pink Floyd, Gevurah implements a sound that can be tapped into from all ends of the specturm.

After completing the line up and arrangements of a project long in the works, Gevurah has both surprised and moved it's listeners. With live shows spanning from northern to southern Colorado, and current shows in Austin, Houston, and Dallas on the Horizon, the band is set to share their musical voice and vision.

With all promotion and production done independently, the members of the band know how to approach their ideas and goals in a way that exhibits professionalism and artistic expression alike. The band hopes to soon infiltrate more of the mid and southwest, and beyond. Gevurah's approach is simple, to rediscover and cultivate the truth and fundamental power of music and everything that comes along with it.

Contact Information:
Julio - 720.296.5321
Ben - 720.935.8036


Promo-Fall 2007

Set List

Generally a set list ranges from 45 minutes to an hour fifteen minutes. A set will consist of mainly originals, with a two to three covers thrown in for taste. Song lengths range from 3:30 to 8:00 minutes.