Asheville, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopFunk

Eight member funk band including 3 MC's and one vocalist, with a serious focus on intelligent and thought provoking lyricism. Funkadelic meets Big Daddy Kane, with a touch of Hunter S. Thompson, they've collaborated with such legends as George Clinton, Masta Ace, and mentioned in national magazines.


GFE is an eight piece funk/hip hop ensemble, with members from all over the map, who travelled, playing music around the country as individuals for many years before joining forces in Asheville,NC.

Their influences are as varied as there respective backgrounds, ranging from Boogie Down Productions to Primus, The Grateful Dead to NWA, Ween to P-Funk. They can blend several genres or play each individually just as well. The MC's in the group are very skilled in freestyle (improv) rhyme and do so at least once every show, often asking for topics from the audience.

One thing that separates GFE from the rest is that every member of the band writes songs and there is not one specific leader, so the music may go in a number of differnt directions, whether live or in studio. And One thing that is constant with each member is the belief that one cannot blend two styles proficiently without first mastering each individually. GFE is one of the few groups out today that has truly cultivated it's own sound and does not sound like anything that came before.


GFE - "BPM" (1998)
Foul Mouth Jerk - "Hashashin Perspective" (1998)
GFE - "The Good Life" (1999)
Josh Blake - "Seed" (2000)
GFE - "Slactavism" (2001)
Agent 23 - "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" (2002)
Foul Mouth Jerk - "Vespucci's Ransome" (2002)
Adam Strange - "Cause and Effect of Pop Culture" (2004)
Agent 23 - "Breakin' Cages" (2004)
Foul Mouth Jerk - "Skrilla Warfare" (2004)
GFE - "Bigger Than It Really Is" (2004)

Set List

(Approximately 2 hours)
It All Begins with a Thought
Smokin' Roaches
Get Them Groceries
Love and Respect
Inside Out
Wish to Believe
Apache (funk classic - Incredible Bongo Band)
Does It Really Matter
Road to Ruin
Soul Disco
Pure Light
Everybody Get High
Speak Your Mind
Vice Squad
On Smash
Land Down Under (pop cover - Men At Work)
Lamp Oil
Melted Butter
Subliminal (punk rock - Suicidal Tendencies)