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52 Weeks - The Tyrone Vaughan Band (releasing June '07)



When the torch of one musical generation is passed on to the next, it's exciting. It’s even more monumental when it literally happens within a family. Tyrone Vaughan rocks! A singer/songwriter/guitarist, his distinctive blend of chops and feeling makes perfect sense when you realize that he is the son of Jimmie Vaughan, the founding guitarist of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and the nephew of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Tyrone Vaughan is his own person, with his own distinct distillation of the blues, rock, soul, and pop influences that he was exposed to the moment he took his first breath upon entering the world in Oak Cliff, (Dallas) TX.

"I grew up in the blues clubs in Austin. When I was very young, Boz Scaggs once put me in his guitar case so that I could go to sleep. Another time, Muddy Waters put cotton in my ears before he went on stage so that it would be quiet enough for me to sleep," said Tyrone. "I also remember putting two chairs together to sleep on. Sometimes I'd go to sleep under a pool table. But living like that was just natural for all of us. It was a community. Everybody was a friend, and everybody took care of everybody's kids. But it could be a hard life."

Vaughan proudly carries his heritage and colorful upbringing on himself like tattoos, but he is now blazing his own trail. Tyrone, along with his incredibly tight band comprised of guitarist Bruce Castleberry, bass guitarist John Olrech and drummer Rob Schilz, has just completed his soon-to-be-released first CD. The culmination of a lifetime of hard work honing his art, Vaughan's razor-sharp focus has paid off with every song spawned from his gut, every syllable uttered from his mouth and every note wrung out of his guitar.

“I have worked incredibly hard on my music. I started out as a guitarist. As I come from a family of guitar players, the guitar came to me quickly, but I did have to dig in and feel around. I had to trust my heart and soul before it really came together. I literally practiced every day for years," Tyrone states.

"I feel I've been blessed with talent, but I have a strong blue-collar work ethic. Eventually I started writing songs, and they kept getting better. You just have to dive in and work at it. Finally, I took some professional voice lessons. I sing within my range, and that keeps things natural. You can tell when singers try to go outside of their vocal range, because it doesn’t sound real. It doesn’t sound like that it’s really coming from within themselves.”

There's no question that Vaughan's new CD is the result of his vision. It was produced by the legendary Jeff Glixman, best known for his work on several classic albums by Kansas. Glixman has also worked with the Allman Brothers Band, Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi, Paul Stanley of Kiss, The Georgia Satellites, Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore and his Blackmore’s Night project, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Vaughan was discovered by Glixman and his partner Jim Gentile at the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) showcase in 2006. Glixman and Gentile were blown away by Vaughan’s talent and quickly signed him to StarCity Productions. Vaughan and his band soon found themselves recording at StarCity Recording Company, their studio facility in Pennsylvania.

“It's incredible working with Jeff. We’re a great match; we trust each other. And he’s a big guitar guy. He said, ‘We’ve got to get the guitar right.’ He has a high level of integrity, and he gives us confidence,” said Tyrone.

Despite his pedigree, Vaughan has not had the world handed to him on a platter. He’s paid his dues (especially with a band called Breedlove) and perfected his music every step of the way. With Castleberry, Olrech and Schilz on board, all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place. The four young men all learned a lot from their previous musical endeavors, but they agree that nothing ever felt 100% right until they joined forces. Everything clicked immediately.

With the new CD completed, Tyrone Vaughan is eager to take his band out on the road and have this fresh, rich, flesh-and-blood music move people’s hearts and souls ... their asses and feet too!

“I’m going to give you everything I’ve got. I want it all, and I know that I can connect with people," says Tyrone. "This is my goal. I want to earn their respect, but I don’t want to be predictable. Originality is extremely important to me."