G-Force is an ACT like no other. G-Force consists of four over-the-top gutsy girls that are the futuristic flavor offering FUN music with substance.


G-Force= the experience, the strategy, the act

The G-Force girls are superheros with a cartoon in creation. G-Force has had many appearances within the media such as singing for Jay Leno, E!T.V., Breakfast Television, Now T.V. ,Online, Retro T.V., have had many articles in the newspspers, have had radio interviews and perform at countless charity events. G-Force is the messenger of inspiration and delivers fun

G-Force is an act, an entity that pursues beyond the typical recording artists of today. The group consists of Lakhrisa, Jericho, Tara and Justine. The girls of G-Force are going back to the fundamentals of the grass roots musical movement successfully building their own fan base and managing all their career endeavors which include marketing, public relations and production of merchandise. These are girls with rockstar antics that write and sing fun music with substance. The G-Force music has its own original flavor which gives it a sweet edge compared to the mundane sounds of today. The G-Force concept is unique and pop culture altering. This act is not a carbon copy of previous success stories or synthetic, they are as real as it gets. The girls endorse a futuristic spice from life experiences projecting the trials and tribulations in which they’ve lived through and conquered those challenges validating the substance required from an artist with integrity. G-Force represents the attitude of ‘Don’t follow in my footsteps, make your own-BE YOURSELF.’ G-Force will not only push the envelope, they will open it. G-Force attracts an eclectic following of fans and is making an extra effort targeting the tween audience which is not yet a part of the Napster generation and who has proven to be a strong market going beyond just CD sales purchasing all memorabilia (key chains, posters, magnets, t-shirts) which G-Force sells out of at every performance. G-Force sells fun and inspiration, elements that have been diluted within the music scene. The results G-force has yielded is proof of the discreet hunger emerging from fans that it is not only time for a fresh injection but for artists who have the guts to go against the grain to deliver quality. G-Force writes their songs on both an individual basis and a collaborative effort between members which tells stories of who they are, what they’ve experienced and what they aspire to be.


I Am Who I Am
Get Back Your Life
All Of This Time
I Can't Get Over You
I Can Mend Your Broken Heart
Feel the Real In me
Do As I Say Not As I Do

Set List

Shows can range from 20mins-45mins depending on the venue. G-Force performs original songs as well as incorporates choreographed dancing and acting within their shows. The G-Force Act is an all around entertaining performance.