Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopR&B

"DC Talk meets Idol King with GFS...this Christian rap group blends R&B and soul to arrange beautiful harmonies, standout vocals, and skillful raps with sing-along hooks in 'Life Music" backed by a keepin' it real effort to live the Christian life. This makes for an anointed music ministry!


Members of the Christian rap group GFS didn't always resemble the God-loving, God-fearing artists they are today. Demond "D-Day" Davis comes from a religious family background—raised by his great grandparents, Reverend Jesse and Lottie Wheeler. In his early teens, he fell prey to the evils of the world such as gang banging, dope dealing, drug addiction, and sexual immorality. After spending 11 years locked away, God reminded Davis that he is still one of His flock. He has rededicated his life to Christ and is truly a changed man. Omar Renee Ficklin (aka O.P.S.—Omar's Precious Salvation) grew up facing challenges that are common among African-American youth—gangs, drugs, and alcohol. He and Davis became friends and began rapping together. Twenty years later, O.P.S. has rededicated his life to Christ and uses his life experiences as a testimony of how God has saved his life. Donald E. Nelson is tagged as D-JAM the Jesus Freak. Through life's challenges, he has chosen to surrender to God and walk according to his calling. He became a deacon then minister at Relationships in Christ in Palmdale, California, with a passion to serve God. Through this music ministry, he desires to reach lost souls, encourage weary souls, inspire God's people, and provide guidance to the churches, ultimately promoting the importance of an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


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