Gabi Almeida

Gabi Almeida


Gabi Almeida is a singer,songwriter,musician and producer from Brazil who lived most of her life in London/UK. Her sound is a mixture of these urban styles with breaks and beats around melodies with the English elegance and the Brazilian sensuality.


Gabi Almeida is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer from Brazil.
Gabi was born in São Paulo and spent most of her live in London. Her sound is a mixture of these urban styles with breaks and beats around melodies with the English elegance and the Brazilian sensuality.

Gabi started her music career playing and singing with bands and soon was touring with names such as Tricky (performing in the Jools Holland Show, The American MTV fashion awards, festivals and concerts in the U.S.A, Europe and Israel), Five (European MTV Awards), Anne Clark (European Tour and Special featuring on one of Anne Clarks Single “Wallies” and “Sleeper in Metropolis”), The Lighthouse Family, Des’ree, Cathy Dennis (European tours and TVs including Top Of The Pop’s), Mc’ Almont (British tour supporting Cindy Lauper, Royal Albert Hall, GLR Radio Live Session). She has also sung on the Porn Kings European single C’mon Amour.

Gabi has lived in Philadelphia and Spain too, where she has produced and performed various DJ sets of Brazilian House.

All this experiences inspired her to produce her first solo work entitled Paint My Colours/ Pinte Minhas Cores. The recordings of her debut started independently in England and later with the co-producer Richard Robson (Amy Winehouse/ Tiesto/ Shakira/ Richard Ashcroft). Back in Brazil in 2006 she spent one year travelling with an acoustic guitar writing more songs that were later recorded and produced in Florianópolis, South of Brazil, with special featuring from guest rapper K-Chaça and other Brazilian musicians. Her album has already had good reviews by MTV, The Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue and many local newspapers and websites.

“’Till the Moment You Sleep”, from the album Paint My Colours/ Pinte Minha Cores, was chosen for the soundtrack of the Latin American HBO original production series “Alice”.

Gabi has been promoting her album and touring in Brazil since late 2007, playing at Festivals such as ”Power To The Peaceful”, and venues like The El Divino Club, Studio SP, Na Mata, The Chakras lounge amongst others. Based in London and São Paulo, she is looking forward to take her music back to Europe with her band or her one-woman show full of breaks and beats, backed up by her programmed tracks and textures, her keyboard, her guitar, and her melodic and captivating voice.


Tá Bom Demais

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Ta bom demais e o medo
Não impede mais desejo
Porque ta bom demais e o medo
Excita mais

Quero você não da pra esconder
Quero você mas não vou dizer
Quero você a não vou fingir
Quero você não posso nem fugir

It’s so good
Oh baby I just want to be with you
It’s so good
Oh baby I just want to be with you

So I tell you now, don't let me go
Maybe I am the one who could live in your soul
So come on baby
Don’t waste your time
Another men might come and stop me by.

Do It All

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Why care why mind?
Who wants to know why?

So come on darling
Can’t you see?
Someone is trying
Think about this

Do it all today
Don’t play their games
Go for your thoughts
Do it don't stop, do it now

Dream on is a way to start
A way to see let this wish live
Don’t go to pretend
You don't care

When life is gone
Time has past
It doesn't last and
We miss the best.

Silent Fear

Written By: Gabi Almeida

So many people coming around
Don’t want to see, no one right now
I know I can’t sit here and soak
I have to smile i suppose

I can’t convince myself
I want your love and no one else
And this silent violent fear
It’s slowly killing me

So many friends, mum and dad
I have their love but right now I don’t care
And all I do is sit here and wonder
Someone might be close to you might be loving you.

Um Momento Assim

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Foi sem vontade, talvez com o poder
Eu até gostei de ter
Alguém para conhecer

Não vou mentir não
Pensava em resistir
Mas agora já não posso
Nem fugir

Foi numa oferta ingênua
Sem ter o que temer
Dava bem pra dizer não e
Nem ir te ver

Mas viestes armado
E soubestes usar
Todas as flechas
No certo lugar

Quero você um momento
Um momento assim
Quero você um momento
Momento sem fim

E se você estiver
Por aí pensando em mim
Pode multiplicar, ver além do mar
Não tens mais que atirar

Tanto, tanto tempo quis
Todo, todo tempo aqui
Cedo, tarde, não tem hora, vives em mim

Tudo é lento
O ontem sobreviveu.

Better Than The Rest

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Daydreaming, smoke and steaming
I am here wishing to try your kiss
Sweet warm attraction, my first reaction
I am here hoping to try your kiss

With the correct speed
With the correct time
You set touch on me
And you take me to your dreams
And you lust for my desire

Let your warm skin be inspired
Let your thoughts melt in my fire

Just enjoy yourself
Just you and no one else
With the perfect touch a velvet kiss deluxe
All you hide inside slowly killing time
Don’t resist a thing let's get it right.

Sunburnt Kiss

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Sunbathed dreams a distant love
Sunburnt kisses of a breeze
Rain fall wind i hope you may
Feel just the same way

Soil walked on sweet heart hands
Blizzard sunday warm fire flames
Cold December snow mountain lights
Lovers touch melting ice

Wonderland awake for days
Breathe your skin close my eyes and see
Sand dunes blue see and sky
I almost feel
Your wet skin on mine

Jump and sink all the way with me
Spill the water, dry all stones
Love me more than anyone
Don’t break the spell
Come this way all alone

Sunlight afternoon of shades
Falling red and
A yellow sky
Cold night, moonlight grey
But I am still here I hear you say

Voices talking over me
I feel your whisper
Floating near
No one could ever understand
Your sunburnt kiss
Lives in my head.

Paint My Colors

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Bring me your fire
Bring me your heat
Draw a spark on my flame

Bring me your beauty
Bring me your good taste
Draw a kiss on my face

Could you paint this colours in my soul?
Paint all my shadows in bright light
In bright light

Give me your excitement
Give me your hot blood
Pour your sparkling spice on me

Give me your joy
Give me delight
Pour your ecstasy in my life

Could you paint this colours in my soul?
Hypnotize my shadows in bright light, in bright light

I Can't Find You In My Mind

Written By: Gabi Almeida

I know you weren't here to stay
I don’t know what’s gonna happen
And you might be back
I know I don’t want to wait in vain
Today you say one thing
Tomorrow is not the same

You, you are leaving my headspace
You know, you
There is someone else trying to take your place
You I can’t find you in my mind
Today you weren't there
When I first opened my eyes

I know you not totally gone
It’s not like you meant nothing
I can’t replace you with the first one no
I know before I couldn't get you out of my head
Now is fun to be in bed with another men

You know even so I like him you still keep coming back
Flashback sends me back to the best times we had
I know, I don’t have to hear what you have to say
Please don’t call me to confuse me
Let me feel what I felt for you one day

Veja bem, já não estas no meu pensar
Tem outro alguém querendo o seu lugar
Olha aqui, hoje não te vi
Quando abri os olhos já não estavas ali

Till The Moment You Sleep

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Beyond our walls
Eyes are closed and I hear
The whispering city
A thousand years

I feel your distant
Eternal world
Building your path
And looking

For the way
To my love

Come to my fountain
Hypnotize me in whirl
Drink me and leave me
Before all the tears
Take all the memories
Return when you know
Revive me and give me

Todos os dias
Com você
Your reign is my heart
I’ll breathe it till I die
Tide over, summer, winter
Till I meet you after life

Beyond our walls eyes are closed and i hear
Whispering a thousand years.

Fake Synthetic Pearls

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Playing down the real thing
Love for hate
We still here to feel the breeze
Past we had
Could it bring you back to me
Could change the light?
I’ve seen awaking up
To another day

You know I’ve always waited for your kiss
Just like fake synthetic pearls
I know I close my eyes and dream to see
Just like shine real pearls

If you still lying awake
Think of me
Break the past in pieces blow it
Up in to the wind
Away from here we could just be
Floating up and down
Under the sun
Back in my town

And the noise outside is the sound inside
We used to make
Lying awake.

Menino Doce

Written By: Gabi Almeida

Come my way
It is such a nice day
Stop me by
Don’t make me scared just say hi

And if you need someone to watch
The sunset by the lake
I will be there boy
Come talk to me
Red or white cabernet

Menino doce faz daqui o seu lugar
Menino doce eu só quero te amar

Come my way
It is such a nice day
Stop me by
Don’t make me scared just say hi

And if you need someone to watch
The sunset by the lake
If you regret
I will let you go
Are you crazy enough to say no?


1. Paint My Colours - Gabi Almeida with her debut Album.
2. Worldprocessing - Gabi Almeida features on Anne Clarks Album
3. Sleeper In Metropolis - Gabi Almeida features on Anne Clarks Single
4. Amour C´Mon - Gabi Almeida features on Porn Kings Album

Set List

Set Time: 1 h/1h30m,
Songs by Gabi Almeida, no covers.

1. Better Than The Rest
2. Ta Bom Demais
3. Paint My Colours
4. Care 4 What
5. Menino Doce
6. Silent Fear
7. Do It All
8. Give me
9. Drink Drive
10. I Can't Fins You In My Mind