"SEX, GOD ´N PATRIA" ghaitan


GHAITAN is a project which began in 2001 in Cali, Colombia. Developed by lead singer Samir Mansour, he began to compose songs with a punk rock influence. After some months he decided to record two songs. With these songs he captured a stronger style, marked by tendencies of neo-metal, with a difference in principle and more aggressive.

After an intense search, Samir found a guitarist, Boris Bermudez, who decided to be a part of this project. Together, Samir and Boris made “Sweet Revenge”. This was a band with a short life, performing a few concerts in the city. Eventually, there was a change in some band members and Samir and Boris began to form a new band with new ideas, now with a stronger sound and more defined. This new band evolved into GHAITAN.

Now once again Ghaitan is reinventing their sound. Very soon a reloaded, stronger and sophisticated sound using drum machines and electronic influences will emerge replacing some conventional instruments, such as acoustic drums and the electric bass, on stage.

Ghaitan uses Latin instruments and rhythms infused with punk rock and nu-metal intensity. The lyrics touch many topics ranging from politics, violence, sex, religion, and social issues, but as well, the sensitive topics of love and romance. The political and social issues are important to Ghaitan for the stigma that surrounds Columbia as being a violent and unsafe place and with this music they hope to improve the good things their country has to offer through music and lyrics. The name Ghaitan is derived from Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, a much loved politician by the Columbian people who was murdered in the ‘40s.


the south town

Written By: samir mansour

i got born at a nice and little town
the south town from the capital
we all used to lived so in peace
and we all used to lived so calm down

blood that goes away,
blood will never come again

one day i woke up and looked around
and everything was falling down
then i got to run away
like if i would have killed my brother
but he was the one who has killed me.

blood that goes away,
blood will never come again.


radio airplay song: phenomen - o - man
this song makes part of our first demo called
"h-urban beens" and 3 more songs called:
country, infected and perfect skin including phenomen - o - man.

Set List

1 hour to 1 and a have set list:
phenomen - o - man
homicide love
Mr. patriot
i`m not any more
old town
puto tirofijo