Ghandaia (gahn-die-ah): A true global sensory experience for the 21st Century. Fierce musicianship & songwriting mix to reflect the global village called earth. Spreading joy, truth, laughter & hope regardless of genre...that's Ghandaia.


Since its conception in early 2000, Ghandaia has seen a steady and organic growth in its musical exploration. Through a creative blend of their eclectic influences such as Funk, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, they’ve created a cohesive and uniquely accessible sound. Ghandaia’s musical core consists, Ed Jarusinsky (Drums), Greg Jones (Guitars), Pablo Larios (Bass), and Alex Marrero (Lead Vox, Guitars, Timbales). To experience the band live is to witness a freight train of pure energy, along with tight horns and percussion, their music is delivered in an infectious trilingual package. The band’s 2003 debut album ‘Uno’ received critical acclaim and gave the band a push into the mainstream through the song ‘A Cor do Som’ which was featured on a Volkswagen television ad campaign. The band has performed internationally and received high praise for their performances through out the U.S. in festivals such as SXSW, San Jose Jazz Fest & most recently ACL Fest. Their sophomore release: ‘Evolucion’ (2007) will surely allow the band to leave a permanent mark in today’s industry and most importantly help them reach a larger, global audience that is hungry for unity in diversity.


Tree of Life

Written By: Frederico Geib

Rise up your soul
Sisters & brothers
As the gold in your heart
There is no other
Wars are being raged
Concealing the  truth...
of one human nation
(that) needs education & respect for one another
Light up the skies
Masters of your destinies
There is no time
To watch & wait, watch & wait,
It goes hand in hand
Our Civil Rights & obligations,
Our infinite connection
Our blood, our roots, the Tree of Life
One last chance for the human nation
To smash against the steel fist of abherrations
IMF imposing surreal exacerbations
Destructive Resolutions for the poorer nations
The time is ripe to open up to revelations
To realize the power of our conscious creations
Step out of the system of alienation
& Incarnate the flame of global groovation

The tree of Life, The tree of life. 


Ghandaia EP (Out of Print)
UNO (Track 4 featured on Volkswagen National TV Campaign)
Evolucion (2007)--Preview tracks in our media section!

Set List

The band plays 90% original material. Set lists vary every night and flow effortlessly from Latin Rock, Salsa, Samba-Funk and Reggae.