Ghani Gautama

Ghani Gautama

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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Heartfelt hip hop with the grit of outlaw country and an indie-rock ethos


Born Ian James Currie (July 2nd, 1982) in Grantsville, West Virginia, Ghani Gautama began his music career in the late 90s as the front man for Pure Irate Souls in Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2000 he moved to Atlanta, GA and by early 2002 had founded Street Temple Emcees. Faced with a highly competitive market and internal strife Street Temple Emcees folded in 2006 shortly after the release of their sole official release "Asphalt Prophets." An extended hiatus was to follow until late 2007 when Ghani Gautama reunited with DJ/Producer and founding member of Street Temple Emcees, Metrognome. The duo released two albums 2008's "Give Em' Enough Hope" and 2010's "Few Against Many." In addition to recording they also began touring the U.S. with the help of Atlanta indie-rap veteran Quanstar. In late 2010 he relocated to Charlotte, NC where his track record allowed him to dive head-first into the city's vibrant hip-hop scene. In late 2011 he released his most critically successful album "Strong Medicine" and has continued to rise int he ranks of independent hip hop talent in the Southeast.


2006- Asphalt Prophets (Street Temple Emcees)
2008- Give 'Em Enough Hope
2010- Few Against Many
2011- Strong Medicine

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The albums "Give 'Em Enough Hope" and "Few Against Many" are on Last.FM

"Maybe," "The Many," and "Another Day At The Office" from the album "Few Against Many" and "Strong Medicine," "Dance Cowboy" and "What Am I Waiting For" are featured on