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The name "Built on Ebenezer" warrants a desire to ask what that name means. This Christian Rock band has a message that will be relevant to the Christian and to the curious at heart and mind. They unwaveringly love music and scripture. Isn't that a mind blowing combination? Theological sonic-boom!


This band from San Diego is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ…and it’s contagious. Their lyrics are uncompromisingly sizzling with the words of scripture and when you hear the amplitude rise it’s not just a thump to the chest, it’s a theological sonic boom. Their recent independent demo release simply shows what these guys are made of. Their delicate musical pieces ranges from nice soft melodies to the “in your face” guitar driving anthems. So, if you’re searching and thirsting for that new band you have to check these guys out. Don’t miss the opportunity. Their name is Built on Ebenezer (http://myspace.com/builtonebenezer).



Written By: Matthew Fore

Take it to the streets
Take it to the corner side
Take it to the whole wide world

The gospel cross the seas
The gospel fly through air
The gospel through the world wide web

I surrender to you Lord
I surrender to you Lord

You lived, you died
You rose again
Thank you for the sacrifice
I tried to pay my debt with lies
You bore the cross because of me
Thank you for the sacrifice
I'm glad you didn't role the dice

All people need to hear
The revelation of God
The living truth that Jesus lives
The gospel breaks through walls
The gospel shouts out crazy loud
The gospel changes sinners' lives

Thank you Jesus
Thank you Savior
Thank you Jesus
For the Cross

I'm alive now
So alive now


Written By: Matthew Fore

Why do we still plot and scheme?
When we should bow down trembling
Kiss the Son with reverence
For His wrath can flare be warned

You are
You are

My foes rise up encroaching me
Protect me Lord deliver me
Shield me with your righteousness
They tuck tail run they strike no more

They can run
But they can’t hide
Yes they’ll try, oh yes they’ll cry

They can run; But they can’t hide
Yes they’ll try My enemies, yes they’ll try
Oh yes they’ll cry

The Lord will laugh at them
The Lord will laugh at them
The Lord will laugh, laugh, laugh…

Praise Him
Give Him glory, glory

Love Him Trust Him
Matchless, Matchless King

Psalm 43

Written By: James Kwak

Let your light shine on me
That I may see the truth
Let it lead me to your place
Let me dwell with you there

Help me rise from suffering
And be consumed in your glory
That you’ll be my exceeding joy
That I may sing you a new song

O rise now from despair my soul
And see the hope that never fails

O shine in my life shine in my heart
So I can see you
With the eyes of my heart
You’ll be my joy you’ll be my life
You’ll be my God rock of all ages
O shine in my life yes all of my life
I’ll be your witness
To let it be known
That you are my joy you are my life
You are my God my Ebenezer


Psalm 43

Set List

25-30 minutes

Track list:

My Joy My God
Psalm 43