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The Ghetto Poets can be best described as a complete hip-hop/rap group. Coming from Minnesota where hip-hop is scarce Ghetto Poets have made a mark in their community. The seven man group is a mixture of writers, battle mc’s, producers and business owners. They are a group of young talented black men some of are actually family who have been making music together for years. Together they compliment each other well with a wide variety of styles and energy. When it comes to making great music this group is in a league of their own shying away from the commercial gimmicky rap that is so common today to make music from the soul with true meaning and feeling. Yet not all together abandoning the commercialized component of music, Ghetto Poets have continually composed records that are radio ready and mainstream mobile. Musically their chemistry is next to perfection when it comes to collaborating on songs and performing together on stage. It would be an understatement to say the Ghetto Poets are ready for the majors instead you should say the game has to create a slot for a brand new movement. The Ghetto Poets have continually rocked crowds all over the Twin Cities. When the Ghetto Poets are on stage you can feel their energy and eventually will fall in love with their stage presence.
The name Ghetto Poet was founded 7 years ago by two of the youngest members. The name Ghetto Poet basically means a talented artist from the ghetto. So when you hear the Ghetto Poets say we’re from the hood, you can believe it. Most members grew up in low income single parent households. A few members have even lived in shelters. Most members had and still have family members battling alcohol and drug addictions. Life as a young Ghetto Poet was not easy. As adults a few of the members of the Ghetto Poets ran into trouble with the law. Most of the run-ins with the law stemmed from drug and weapons charges. Luckily none of them have served serious time.
Through out high school into their adult hood each member stayed focused on developing their skills as an artist. In 2003 under the tutelage of P. Family Records the group named themselves the Da Fam. In the short time with P. Family Records they learned a lot about music and credit P. Family with a lot of their development as artist. They learned how to engineer and produce their own music. They gained a sense of enterprise by shadowing the label CEO Tim Williams. At the same time a few members put on their business caps and decided to turn their music into a profitable business. That led to the decision to start their record company. During this time they made relationships with several producers and artist from the Twin Cities. After starting their own record company named Ghetto Poet Records the group built their own studio and started recording immediately. After years of recording the group decided it was time to start performing and working on completing an album. They started out doing open mics at the Blue Nile in Minneapolis. Then from there they started working with a local promotion company Hip-Hop Club and did a few shows with them. Then they entered into a talent competition and got a lot of recognition for being able to spit so well. Months later the group created their own profile on Myspace and the messages came in none stop with people who wanted the Ghetto Poets to perform at shows, collaborate, and just to say you got some hot music. Soon after creating a Myspace profile their plays started climbing rapidly. Performance offers continued to pour in and the Ghetto Poets didn’t turn anything down. The Poets were performing everywhere locally. The group later caught the attention of radio djs from local radio stations: KMOJ and KFAI. The group then went into the studio with Special Dark of KFAI and had their first radio interview which went extremely well. This interview led the Poets to paying gigs and project collaborations with students at Mc Nally Smith School of Music in St. Paul. The Poets continued to perform at numerous venues around the Twin Cities as well as record. Not being completely satisfied with their project they continued to record more and more incredibly creative music. The year 2007 came and the Ghetto Poets still hadn’t dropped an album but had created a major buzz in the city. They got three nominations for Song of The Year “Undeniable”, Best Group and Best Performance at the 1st Annual Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards. The awards show was a success although they didn’t take home any awards that night but they did get to perform and their performance was explosive. Weeks and months later people still applaud that performance. Soon after the awards show the Ghetto Poets were approached by local producer Traxx from Track Runnas Productions with a deal to produce an album. The group agreed to work with Traxx and went into the studio immediately. There is no set date for release yet but the project is coming along well. A few months later the Ghetto