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Ghetto Pony

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Comedy


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Giddy Up: Ghetto Style"

"One of the greatest things about the MySpace generation is being able to see truly international acts in rugged small locales while their star is in ascendance. Ghetto Pony is a case in point, but not for long. Hands down they are one of the most exciting, both live and recorded, 'hybird' groups working in this country today." - Echo Weekly

"This Band Should Be Huge"

"If we really are living in the post-everything times, the Ghetto Pony players are pioneers dressed as robots, dragging a clapped-out Dolorean through a wasteland of preconceptions. They run this sonic gulag on instinct, powered by a mutual common sense that the old labels no longer apply. These savants of cut-and-paste pop are making quesadillas with John Lennon's glass onion."
- C-Net

"Pony Up"

"Chances are you haven't witnessed a group boasting a stand-up bass, cowbell and laptop as part of it's live repertoire...Ghetto Pony is a band that indisputably blurs the lines of classification." - The Coast

"Double Takes"

"Alongside will be the fascinating Ghetto Pony, a quirky, raw trio of Montrealers tweaking out a brand of whimsical, experimental sound engineering that benefits from a catchy accessibility not normally associated with the more involved hardware exploiting noise fanantics." - Montreal Mirror

"Ghetto Blasters"

It was only a matter of time 'til some skinny white dudes co-opted crunk, the "Dirty South" hip-hop/metal mash championed by the likes of Lil' John and the Eastside Boys and Bone Crusher. It would have been a real slap in the face if the spindly youths were from Canada. Oh, ouch. They are. But all is not lost, 'cuz Montreal's "crunk/funk/punk" trio Ghetto Pony does it so nasty. - Phoenix New Times


G.P. (4 Song Demo 2002)
Shouting Squirrels, Leaping Lizards (EP, 2003)
Post Apocalyptic Bubblegum Music (LP, 2005)
Without A Name (10 New Demos, 2006)
Tight (Compilation includ. "Praymantis", Saboteur Records 2007)



Peter Jarecki's musical ambition can be traced back to Jefferson City, Missouri, where he attended middle school after recently emigrating from Poland. While the school bus radio played early nineties hits, Peter preferred listening to his En Vogue and Janet Jackson tapes. One morning, Derek Goon, the only guy in grade seven with a band and facial hair, snagged Peter's headphones asking "Whatcha listening to Pete?" Upon hearing MJ's most famous sibling's falsetto, he exclaimed "Janet?! You're listening to Janet Jackson Pete?!" which prompted the nearby kids to snicker. Peter, who anxiously tried to fit in with the American kids, began to study Derek Goon. Listening in on his conversations about how cool his step mom was cause she liked the Chili Peppers, and about the sweet PA he was getting for his band. The girls liked him even though he wasn't athletic or tough. He was an asshole. An asshole that left a lasting impression on a shy immigrant's sub-conscious. Fast forward to present day and Peter's musical output can be summed up as electro-alt-rock with traces of RnB.

David Hoult loves the funk. He knows he's as white as they come, but his jungle of a room is often blaring rhythmically inclined jams. (It started with a local reggae radio show in Guelph, Ontario.) When David was a small child his neighbor asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Unaware of the implications, David answered "I wanna be an Indian." Still he kept wearing his moccasins as house shoes till they fell apart in his early twenties. The majority of music David listens to is old. His friends complain about it. Hank gets the needle over Elvis these days as David inks illustrations of humorous conflict. For a while he kept canned goods in stock and obtained a real machete for the apocalypse. Parakeets are his latest thing. If you've seen a young Blue Budgie, Larry Bird might be his name.

When a show-goer asks "What are you doing up there?" referring to J.J. Roger's live performance, he usually answers "I'm looking at porn." It's his way of humoring the skeptics. In times where the majority of computers come with music editing software, there are still some who have not seen a laptop on stage. J.J. began his beat-making adventures after joining the rave scene in the late nineties. He used to own a pair of fun-fur pants that had his nickname 'Jube' sewn into them. Ironically he raved sober and only tried the drugs afterwards. Once the scene died down break-beats became his main influence. Recently J.J has been taking University courses on various subjects without a major. Likewise he's been known to sample everything from popping balloons, to flies-in-the-room, to