Ghetto Pony

Ghetto Pony


Electronic meets indie-rock.


In an attempt to form a rock group without heavy guitars and standard drums, Ghetto Pony has given birth to a modern sonic gulag of crissed-crossed genres. Originating out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, the three-piece group has since galloped over to it's present residence of Montreal, Quebec. By fusing laptop performance with a live band, Ghetto Pony delivers a manufactured chaos of heavy artillery masked in bouquets of roses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


no official commercial releases yet.

Set List

1. Smoke Screens
2. The Prince Song
3. Praymantis
4. Without A Name
5. The End Is Near
6. Morning Wood
7. Cool Is Forever
8. Who's Gonna Be My Girl
9. Get Up On It
10. Boarding Kennel for Crumbello

Typical Set Length: 45min. - 60min.

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