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Avaton, composer Pan Kaperneka,
Methexis, composer Pan Kaperneka with Pallyria



Earth & Sea is a unique blend of four musician-composers, who have approached ancient and traditional Greek music from different paths. Pan invokes the spirit of Greece through his voice. He is also fluent in the Byzantine and Indian modes of singing. He plays many kinds of wooden flutes, from the Indian bansuri to the Cretan madura. Aliki (Ranjana) summons the lyrical Sapphic spirit with her melodies, on the ancient Greek lyre or with her voice. She also takes inspiration from the Asia Minor. Pantelis, comes from Pontos, whose traditional music is one of the oldest and is closer to the ancient language than any other region of Greece. His playing of the lyre of the Black Sea and the lyre of Carpathos is acknowledged as “epic, emotional, and authentic”. Areti, is an accomplished percussionist on the traditional instruments of tubeleki, clay tarabouka, def etc. She also sings melodies from Epirus, where the pentatonic polyphonic style originated. Each member of Earth & Sea has a love for ancient Greek and traditional language which inspires and guides their melodies and orchestrations. Fragments from Homer, lyrical poetry, Orphic hymns etc. are woven into their songs. The songs played are either new compositions or traditional songs. The result is a fusion of ancient and modern; an evocative musical journey.