ghorar deem express

ghorar deem express


"Crazed, experimental funk-prog-avant-rock." frank zappa, henry cow, mr. bungle, james chance, dr. nerve, estradasphere meet and try to seduce the members of blonde redhead, deerhoof, and stereolab.


the history of ghorar deem express is as mysterious and convoluted as their name is unpronounceable to the uninitiated. vagabonds, traders, missionaries, and minstrels all converged at one point in space and time to make the recordings for their first release on floating opera records, released in amsterdam in february 2004. the collective traveled and performed together until the fall of 2004, when the winds of change blew once again, scattering its members around the globe. now the fates have chosen another location for the collective to converge: no less than the hub of the universe, that quaint new england city of beans, boston usa.

the music is impossible to classify. Sporting unusual, highly varied, and utterly catchy grooves; rapid-fire, kaleidoscopic arrangements; and stark, haunting melodies flanked by collective improvisational explosions. listen closely and you will hear traces of rock, hip-hop, dub, drum-and-bass, samba, funk, klezmer, punk, and balkan folk beats; but any one influence is as elusive and fleeting as love, money, and happiness combined.


ghorar deem express - american reissue, 2005
ghorar deem express - euro version, 2004

streaming on the village voice website, eddytor's dozen:,eddy,66386,22.html

Set List

our sets are flexible depending on the situation. we generally play 45 min-1 hour sets.