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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"This shit is incredible!"

"This shit is incredible! The songs are not so much songs but true classical compositions, with unpredictable beats and intense melodies, each telling its own story. Sophisticated arrangements backed with layers of eclectic instrumentation lead the listener on a rollercoaster of a ride. It's exciting, it's emotional, it's frantic and relaxing at the same time."

-Kier Byrnes - What's Up Magazine

"underneath all the craziness lies some excellent musicianship."

Ghorar deem: a Bengali phrase that translates literally to "the horse's egg," used to mean "nonsense" or to denote a sense of the absurd. Ghorar Deem Express: a ten-piece band of varied nationalities, formed in Amsterdam and transplanted to Boston, that plays an inspired mélange of music with an anarchic flair for fun and musical chops to spare, sort of like a rock-oriented version of the ICP Orchestra. There's accordion, rocking electric guitar, a solid rhythm section, and three horn players with Nader Sobhan singing/rapping in languages both known and unknown. These guys can play in the groove ("The Vachists," "Sanding Moves") or head to outer space (like the end of "Trampass"), sometimes within the same tune. There's some really great/bizarre guttural dyspeptic scat singing on "Trampass," and "Hey William Tell" is a silly (but fun) ska-flavored interpolation of the infamous Rossini tune. There are plenty of great horn solos, and guitarist Nicolai Onken applies some very interesting effects on "Sanding Moves." Then there's their manic take on the Kikkoman soy sauce song used in a very strange Japanese commercial. But underneath all the craziness lies some excellent musicianship you can really hear in the arrangements and solos. They're a difficult band to categorize, but if you've got a flair for talented musicians who are unafraid to try almost anything and have a really fun time doing it, you might try Ghorar Deem Express.
-Sean Westergaard -

"this style defies styles."

Floating Opera Records
Ghorar Deem Express
9 songs

An avant garde “orchestra” with some incredible horn arrangements and a melding of multi-language rapping/s catting, the Express really plays some great music, if you think beyond the box. I won’t bother trying to really describe each track, since this style defies styles. If you know who Sun Ra is, you’d love this. If you’re a hippie, you might find it far-out listening for certain nights when the Gonesh incense is lit. If you’re a music student with nothing else to do, you might try analyzing the writing and composition process. I can’t imagine the type of people who would be at a live show of this group. There, enough said. (Mike Loce) - the noise

"Dance Music for the Open-Minded"

Over the past few years, the East Coast music scene has been expanding its horizons. Bands like Incus, Tainted Quill and Rasputina have gained their followings by mixing genres and contributing individual sounds that are entirely unique. Now there is a new band to add to that list: Ghorar Deem Express.

The “un-categorizable” quality of Ghorar Deem Express is what gives them their edge, but without making them inaccessible to listeners. A little bit jazz, a little bit hip-hop, a little bit Balkan gypsy rock; Ghorar Deem has the room to take things where they want.

-rebecca carter - the PULSE

"many successful experiments"

"...this recording contains many successful experiments. There is obvious jazz schooling behind these bass and drum parts, and the sax section really, really works... the melodies and song structures make for an enjoyable listening experience. The harmonic interplay of Koppelman's accordion is particularly interesting... Bergmann's concise arrangements enforce a method to the madness. Check out the Ghorar Deem Express CD for some fine music and adventurous arrangements."

-david seymour -

"immerse yourself in this mind-altering collection of music."

"They're groovy, eclectic, and admittedly a bit bizarre... but fear not: there are many sounds that everyone can relate to. Implementing a schizophrenic style of instrumental arrangements, radical beats, and a vocalist with three languages under his belt, The Express provides quite the musical kaleidoscope.... immerse yourself in this mind-altering collection of music."
-sierwa askia - Skope Magazine


ghorar deem express - american reissue, 2005
ghorar deem express - euro version, 2004

streaming on the village voice website, eddytor's dozen:,eddy,66386,22.html


Feeling a bit camera shy


the history of ghorar deem express is as mysterious and convoluted as their name is unpronounceable to the uninitiated. vagabonds, traders, missionaries, and minstrels all converged at one point in space and time to make the recordings for their first release on floating opera records, released in amsterdam in february 2004. the collective traveled and performed together until the fall of 2004, when the winds of change blew once again, scattering its members around the globe. now the fates have chosen another location for the collective to converge: no less than the hub of the universe, that quaint new england city of beans, boston usa.

the music is impossible to classify. Sporting unusual, highly varied, and utterly catchy grooves; rapid-fire, kaleidoscopic arrangements; and stark, haunting melodies flanked by collective improvisational explosions. listen closely and you will hear traces of rock, hip-hop, dub, drum-and-bass, samba, funk, klezmer, punk, and balkan folk beats; but any one influence is as elusive and fleeting as love, money, and happiness combined.