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"Ghostbird is an indie rock duo comprised of Trent Hancock (guitar/vocals) and Mike Cooper (Drums) who just released their debut self-titled EP. I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the group and have enjoyed working my way through the album's six songs, simple, melodic pop tunes that are catchy and emotionally charged. Though the band's sound often has a familiar tinge to it, the boys show some genuine talent and manage to craft a unique enough spin on classic indie pop to make their music very much worth your time.

Hancock and guest singer Joy Bishop float gently over shimmering guitar lines one moment and compete with a distortion and drum attack the next, though the feeling of the record is generally more wistful and lonely than angry or intense. My favorites include the gorgeous opener "Toy Soldier" and the bouncy alt-rock tune "Caroline," the latter of which features some excellent piano work. It's interesting that Hancock shares his best songs with another singer, but he has some notable moments of his own, particularly "Night Kills Day." Ghostbird serves as an early showcase of a band with ideas and ambition working on finding their sound while creating some great songs in the process.

Check out the band on MySpace and/or download "Toy Soldiers" below." - Chewing Gum for the Ears


San Diego duo Ghostbird is comprised of solo artist Trent Hancock and Transfer drummer Mike Cooper. They're a pair of pretty boys who make guitar drama in the likes of Spoon, Travis and maybe even a swig of early Weezer.

On a more hopelessly emo note, compliments of Cooper, it's "something that grabs your heart and squeezes."

When something spouting from the local music hose sounds like what you'd hear on indie radio airwaves in Kansas or Ohio or somewhere else "in the middle," it's worth passing around. That way, when Christmas dinner rolls around and your 14-year-old cousin from Indianapolis won't shut up about her new favorite band, who just happens to be from San Diego, you'll be able to brag about how you hit on at least one of them at their CD release show (which happens at the Ruby Room Saturday).

How did your bromance begin?

Trent: I was a big fan of Cooper's band Transfer and I was playing a show at The Tiki in P.B. and Cooper happened to walk by as I was playing a Transfer song and the rest was history.

Cooper: Trent had been making the record with Bryan Stratman, who's a good friend of mine. Since Bryan and Trent both wanted to work with me we all decided to work together on this record. The recording went over really well, our personalities and musical abilities all worked well together. After that Trent and I started hanging out and became friends really quickly. We have a lot in common, our musical connection is tight. So we've been like brothers and musical partners ever since.

Why "Ghostbird"?

Trent: I've always been a night owl growing up and had a strange fascination with owls my whole life. I really don't feel awake until the sun goes down and that's when I get a burst of energy. I also grew up in an area that had a lot of barn owls and I loved seeing them at night. So when I met Cooper and saw a tattoo of an owl on his arm we thought it was only natural to name our band Ghostbird, which literally translates to "owl."

How does playing as a duo compare to playing in a full band or as a solo artist?

Trent: I think that our collaboration has a deep connection and we are able to transcend that connection on stage which makes for a powerful live performance.

Cooper: Playing as a duo is really fun and mellow, but playing in a band goes a lot deeper into your heart and soul; however, dealing with that many personalities can be a little harder whereas Trent and I can just setup and go for it. We started as a duo and we run things as a duo but in order to get (the) deep connection on stage that we yearning for, we've incorporated the whole band into our shows.

How does San Diego affect or inspire you as musicians?

Trent: I think San Diego is an amazing and beautiful place filled with very vibrant and different cultures. There are so many amazing people in this city with so much to offer emotionally and intellectually that it makes it very easy to be inspired and motivated to make great music and call San Diego home.

Cooper: Living in a desert environment gave me a harder, darker cowboy edge, and being able to live near the ocean gave me that groove I feel when I play. 'Cause really before all these trees it was a shrub dry city.

Posted by Derrik Chinn on June 16, 2009

"Metro Spirit Review"

Bringing together sensitive indie rock with a very intelligent, creative pop sound similar to such iconic figures in music as David Bowie or T. Rex, Ghostbird release an EP with ultra-smooth catchy hooks and a commercial yet not even remotely boring sound. A truly amazing record, this EP by Ghostbird brings out all that is good, real, gritty, and yet infectiously clean in indie rock. Seven songs of slower, moody, electronic-influenced rock; the debut EP by Ghostbird is classic underground rock at its best. Dino Lull, Metro Spirit
- Metro Spirit

"Melodic Review"

“I think it was genius to combine electronica, pop and indie rock – this winning formula truly puts Ghostbird on the map of rock. Their music shouts out longevity” Kaj Roth, Melodic - Melodic

" Review"

“When something spouting from the local music hose sounds like what you’d hear on indie radio airwaves in Kansas or Ohio or somewhere else “in the middle,” it’s worth passing around.” Derrik Chinn, Signonsandiego -

"Campus Circle Review"

“Calling all Cold War Kids and Thriving Ivory fans, Ghostbird’s self-titled EP has a similar sound to these established musical groups, in relation to their tone of voice and captivating, New Orleans Jazz piano and twangy, but gentle, guitar solos. The EP finds the balance between the various vocal and instrumental parts. There is the perfect mixture of complexity within the passionate yet soft piano and guitar parts with the uncluttered and natural vocals that manage to capture the listener’s attention through standout lyrics” Molly Smith, Campus Circle - Campus Circle

"Jaded Expressions Review"

“Ranging from the Panic at the Disco styled Coraline to the dramatic The Drug, right to the epic and absolute highlight, Night Kills Day…The EP is bookended with both an album version and video version of Toy Soldier, but the meat of this sandwich is infused with striking melodies, poetic lyrics and emotional percussion performances. So eat up. Eat up I say.” A. Chow, Jaded Expressions - Jaded Expressions

"Blog Spot Review"

“Ghostbird has a new sound that is contemporary and shows where Pop music is heading thru sound and catchy melodies.” Rich McCrackenII, RichMcCrackenBlogSpot - RichMcCrackenBlogSpot


ghostbird EP - June 2009



Neon infused electronica meets the darker motivations of indie rock in this avant-garde collaboration, featuring talented San Diego musicians Trent Hancock and Mike Cooper (Transfer). Wanting to allow the spectrum of their music the freedom to reach out beyond its norm, Trent and Mike chose a style and name that allows just that; ghostbird literally means owl and both men allow their fascination with the solitary sentinels of the night to inspire the creation of a captivating sound that transcends the boundaries of indie rock. Emotionally charged lyrics, coupled with dynamic beats and explorative melodies, broadcast ghostbird's vast range to their audience, while still winking in the direction of their diverse influences. Trent, whose early influences include Chili Peppers, Sublime, Radiohead, Strokes, Soundgarden, Beck, Zeppelin, and Nirvana, is proud of the Fray-like tenderness of their track "Sing", as well as the Radiohead intensity in the longing of "Night Kills Day".

The duo got their start shortly after finding a commonality in their music styles, one that neither had yet to fully translate into their own work. Prior to forming ghostbird, Trent spent several years showcasing his original music and unique voice throughout venues in San Diego and Arizona. Having gained notoriety as a solo artist, he became interested in adding various instruments, new sounds and beats to accompany his melodic songs. Now, Trent says he wants, "fans to have an emotional connection to the music; to make people feel something, whatever that feeling may be." While experimenting with various producers and possible band-mates in San Diego, Trent struck up a friendship with drummer Mike Cooper, whose style inspired and intrigued him. For his part, Cooper is pretty open regarding the shotgun pattern of his influences, "Well, deep down, I'm attached to what came from England in the 60's and 50's like Led Zepplin, Beatles, Stones, t-rex, and Sabbath, but growing up, I morphed thru many different stages, starting with metal and punk then pushing to jazz, hip-hop and reggae in my early twenties."

Their friendship allowed for much more experimentation and the two began working on several early tracks at Capricorn Studios in San Diego with the help of several local musicians, including co-producer Bryan Stratman, Jeffery Downer, of Sexy Moments and Blues from a Gun, on guitar and Joy Bishop of Hello Sunshine, who lent her beautiful and unique vocals on several tracks. Trent and Cooper were able to record an array of intriguing songs as ghostbird; soon to be showcased on their self-titled debut EP. The first single, "Toy Soldier", is a great example of the electronica infused within their music, and the influences that come from deep within these two amazing artists. Although masked by its airy, catchy beats, the song's focus is actually based on a solemn report of a soldier killed in the war only a few months prior to the recording.

Cooper's experience as a drummer in the critically acclaimed group, Transfer, added a shade more darkness to the music, "living in a desert environment gave me a harder, darker, cowboy edge" he explains. Adding to ghostbird’s diverse style, Trent tends to write songs that have more of a pop sound, but are influenced by mystery and darkness. "Night Kills Day" exemplifies the style of song that captures the hearts of the artists. Trent says his lyrics, "started out based on a past relationship, but quickly became about life in general; idea is that sometimes what you want is right in front of you and you don’t realize it until it's too late."