Ghost Box Orchestra

Ghost Box Orchestra

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Psychedelic western soundtracks infused with desert rock and surf reverb, Ghost Box Orchestra is a mainly instrumental band. The songs speak in subtle whispers and fuzz-freaked panoramas full of stomping rhythms and hazy shoegazey guitar slabs.


Ghost Box Orchestra hails from Boston, where the band has been unleashing mind-bending psychedelic rock since 2008. The band’s sound is rooted in the boot-stomp, cactus-rock guitar musings of Texas transplant Jeremy Lassetter. Having traveled far from the warmth of his home state to attend art school in Boston, Lassetter began working with keyboardist Nazli Green in 2007 after the two met at a party and discovered a shared love for Black Mountain, Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age, and Autolux. The addition of Nazli’s haunting cathedral melodies found Lassetter’s songs ebbing and flowing into a more ambient beast. Soon after, Lassetter was introduced to local drone-and-reverb guitar phenom Christopher Johnson (a transplant himself, from Salt Lake City, Utah), who hails from more shoegazey roots. Lassetter shared his desert-psych demos with Johnson, who loved the fusion of sounds between 60s psychedelia, surf guitar, and rock. Their shared sense of tone idolatry and the massive dual-Jaguar guitar sound took the live prospect to the next level.

After the no-brainer addition of Johnson, the next hurdle was to find a competent drummer, a rare commodity in Boston. After overhearing he was a drummer at a Fourth of July barbecue in 2008, Nazli approached Martin Rex, unaware of his history with the local legendary space-rock outfit Lockgroove and psych-folk purveyors Broken River Prophet. Rex was immediately impressed with Lassetter’s demos and agreed to start practicing with the band immediately. Two bass players later, the group was lucky enough to recruit Rex's fellow Broken River Prophet bandmate Dennis Noble to bring his creative, incomparable bass constructs to bear on GBO’s now-monolithic live sound, reuniting with Rex in what was an already-established powerhouse rhythm section.

Ghost Box Orchestra’s live history includes shows across the country with the likes of Spectrum, Asteroid #4, Spindrift, Woven Bones, Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo, Woodsman, Early Day Miners, Disappears, Prince Rama, December Sound, and the Lovetones. Notably for 2011, the band headlined Boston's Deep Heaven Now festival and were invited by the Black Angels to play Austin Psych Fest 4. In 2012, the band was honored by the Boston Phoenix as best Psychedelic/Experimental act in its 2012 Best Music Poll.

Ghost Box Orchestra’s debut album, The Only Light On, was released in July 2010. A year later, they followed up with a cassette-only release of basement and improvised recordings called "Spring Tour Tape 2011". Their second full length album is due out in late Fall of 2012.


The Only Light On - released July 2010
Spring Tour 2011 Tape - released July 2011 - SOLD OUT