Ghost Buffalo

Ghost Buffalo


Ghost Buffalo's sound can be best described as a combination of indie-rock, gothic country, and post-hardcore. For fans of Neko Case, Rilo Kiley, and Cat Power.


Denver has already fallen hard for singer Marie Litton. Westword, the city's alternative newsmagazine, has named her the best frontwoman in town, raving about how well her "soaring, haunting voice" fits the group's "heartache-weary country rock". Litton's singing finds the middle ground between the icy placidity of Jesse Sykes and the plaintive, pop-friendly approachability of Sarah Shannon of Velocity Girl. She animates these stories of late-night longing and doomed long-distance romance with poise, grace, and a rare emotional complexity. While her songwriting is the indisputable heart of Ghost Buffalo, her accompanyists (several of whom, including guitarist Matt Bellinger, have logged time in Planes Mistaken For Stars) find the elusive intersection between twang and stomp with unerring precision.
"Hell Here", the lead single from Ghost Buffalo, is perhaps their most representative track - and the one that foregrounds the group's twin influences most effectively. The song begins as a scratchy field recording unearthed from a time capsule buried at the foot of the Rockies might: strained, aching, weirdly fascinating. But by the end of the first verse, the production has changed, and the vibrant color of Ghost Buffalo's sound is made manifest. Litton, channeling her most desperate hour, spins a dark-night-of-the-soul tale that caresses the listener like a chilly wind. Sleepless and haunted, she drags herself down hallways, head in hands, searching for a voice of hope.
Ghost Buffalo's debut album isa sign of many great things to come.


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