ghost drums

ghost drums


Ghost Drums constructs loop-based music from a mix of live instrumentation and machine to a hypnotic peak. Moving from electro-pop to darker experimentations, Ghost Drums covers ground tread by Four-tet, Mum, Amon Tobin and Pivot.


What sets Ghost Drums apart from other bands? It's the fact that it's not a band. It's one guy with a loop station and too much time on his hands. Pete got the idea of starting Ghost Drums after years of playing drums in a many Perth band, and recording at home on his trusty 4-tracker. He always want to pull the two together and when he laid his hands on his first loop station, Ghost Drums were born.
Why 'Ghost Drums'? Learning drums as a kid, the neighbour used to complain at the over zealous versions of KISS covers he played solo on the drums and so he came up with the ingenious idea of damping the kit with an old sheet. This, of course, lead to 'Ghost Drums' as it gave them a mysterious, spooky look and made the drums sound a little further away than they are... sometimes, on a still, moonless night, if you're quiet, you may still hear the distant beats of Ghost Drums.


Ghost Drums debut release is due out early 2009 on Love Is My Velocity.

Set List

My usual set is 40 - 45 minutes and is all original pieces. The tracks include crowd favourite like Moring Sun, Maylands the Brave, The Skrews, Love + Hate = You, Acqua Uomon, Rechabite (it's tricky), Minty Mint and many, many more...