Ghost Drums

Ghost Drums

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Ghostdrums’ experimental electronica combines intricate production with a lo-fi acoustic sound that’s as innocent and whimsical as his performance set-up.


As an eight year old learning to play the drums, Pete Guazzelli came up with an inventive way to make sure his family didn’t disown him. By draping a big white sheet (complete with eyeholes) over the top of his kit, he muffled the noise and created Ghostdrums.

After a fruitful period drumming in local bands like Fall Electric, The Kids and Gata Negra, Pete has revisited the Ghostdrums set up by building a unique machine from parts lying around the house. Combining a gold-sparkle ’60s Premiers drum kit with pedals, synths, loopers and the junk-percussion that’s been clogging up the spare room, Ghostdrums is this long-time Perth-based musician’s new solo project.

Howie B, spacey soundtracks, mum, Morricone and Aphex Twin's Drukqs are all found inside if you look.


Ghostdrums - self titled USB - Love Is My Velocity

Set List

Morning Sun
The Internationalist
Clouds Painted On
A Career In BPM's
Crown on the Ground