Ghost Farm

Ghost Farm



AND IN THIS CORNER!!! We have three gents that call themselves Ghost Farm. Hailing from south central Ohio, in a town called Chillicothe. Many a Northerner and Southerner have laid claim that amidst their performances, they seem to go possessed into improvisational adventures that weave their way into realms that one would never expect, and sometimes back again. The 3 have many different musical backgrounds. Folk, metal, funk, and jazz, just to name a few. Imagine a double kick drum, a funk bass line, and a jazzy guitar lead,and you might be able to picture the possibilities that this group has to offer to the musical community. If that doesn't excite you, then stick around because most likely the next song will totally differ from the last. At any given moment a show can go from a driving jam into a laid back, spaced out, write your mom a letter about it, kind of groove. (YOU JUST NEVER KNOW, AND NEITHER DO WE) And to all you FARMERS out there: Thanks for the support!


Something Real

Written By: Ghost Farm

I can hear it in my ghost she said
as her eyes blink from green to red
take a chance on something real, something wise, as her many sources divide

Something Real, Something Wise

I can feel it in my ghost she said
as she put a cross around her neck
not because of what she feels, what she hides
As her many sources divide

Something Real, Something Wise

It could be my time is what she said
cause all I know has been left for dead, she lights a candle, her spirits rise
As her many sources divide

Something Real, Something Wise


Ghost Farm is currently mixing the debut Album.

Set List

Our set list is typically made up of original material, although we do throw in some Phish, Dead and other like-minded sounds from time to time. We usually end up playing 3-4 hours a show.