We are a 3-piece dance rock band from Chino Hills, California. We draw upon many influences, like our favorite bands and personal experiences. We are more about the music we perform rather than the image we give off. We use pop rock structure, dance rhythms, and noise rock sounds.


Our music revolves around a dance feel going in and out of rock verses. We are influenced by music in general. Our drummer Frank is very progressive rock-influenced. Our guitarist Conrad is influenced by the sounds of electronic, shoegaze, and post-rock music as well as energetic noisy bands in general. Guitarist/vocalist Jay is influenced by post punk and dance music.

We have been together since 2002 under various names. We've finally found the sound we are after and have been working hard on writing.

Ghostfleet strives to be different from other bands in general, focusing on creating unique music that cannot be labeled.


We only have demo tracks, we have submitted to radios, but have no knowledge of play.

Our music can be listened to at our myspace page:

Set List

Our set list is about 45 minutes, but it honestly variates based on how long our set should be according to where we play.

our current list of songs is:

Spanish galleon
burning bridge
Recover Girl
Small wonder
Ex teen