Ghost Ghost

Ghost Ghost

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Freak folk / indie rock trio with a bent for poetic lyrics, vocal harmonies, and discursive beats.


Ghost Ghost is an indie pop trio lead by singer / songwriters Karl Ward and Kevin Peckham.

Ghost Ghost live shows feature painting by New York artist Charlie Kemmerer and experimental video art by New York filmmaker Tim Bartlett. Mark Christensen (of Stone Document) also began performing with the band in 2010.

Ghost Ghost self-released their debut EP Time is Gravity in 2008 and followed with two more releases in 2010, Of Innocence and Experience EP and No Clothes on Ragged Island — a full length LP inspired by the life of NYC poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

In 2010 the song Time is Gravity was used in the season finale of World of Jenks.

Late 2010 the band released two holiday singles Please Stay for Christmas Eve and Christmas Comes Whenever You Come Home.

In 2011 the band debuted a new sound at SXSW — a more experimental indie pop approach blending vocal harmonies and a modern indie-pop songwriting approach with surprising beat juxtapositions.

In 2012 the band took a break with marriages happening, babies being born, and loved ones falling seriously ill.

In early 2013 the band marked its return with the release of the triumphant single Hey Princess also picked-up by MTV for use in the second season of World of Jenks.

A new full-length album is slated for release in autumn 2013.


Camden, Maine

Written By: Kevin Peckham

Draw the shutters, close the light
keep quiet as the moon stay out of sight
there's a man at the door he's calling her name
This isn't a joke this isn't a game

O Mother you're gone now we try to behave
We pretend in church we can't hear what they say
But when the sun goes down this town is changed
And men with drink come by calling your name

Sisters, sisters, stay out of the light
I know this man I know his plight
He stays up with Mother drinking whiskey
He snuck into my room once and kissed me

Mother, mother your daughters are alone
Oh mother, mother when will you come home?
It's a sweet little town on the cost of Maine
But we're too young to be alone this way.

Vassar Days

Written By: Karl Ward

I’ll take the field and forest
I’ll take the sound
Of the sky to one ear,
One ear to the ground

All hands reach to the sun
I will touch one hundred flowers
And not pick one

I will be the air
If you’ll be the seed
I will carry you
If you will go where I lead

Summer wind carries us down these halls
Faster than we can run
I will knock at one hundred doors
And not enter one

If I escape you
Will you run after me?
If I come back to you tonight
Will you turn away from me?

We make our bed in these autumn leaves
The night sky above
I will light one hundred fires
I will give myself to love

I am most constant
When I am least true.
But the miles stretch between us,
It doesn’t hurt like it used to.

We lie as seeds between
The winter snow and the stone
I will touch one hundred women
And still feel alone

No Clothes on Ragged Island

Written By: Kevin Peckham

Miles from here, out in the ocean.
We’ll sleep all night and swim all day.
Not really a plan just a notion,
Of how to wash these things away

We’ll get clean on Ragged Island,
We’ll strip the layers down to our skin.
We’ll wear no clothes on Ragged Island,
And we’ll be lovers once again.

No more sick beds, no more syringes.
No more morphine dreams ahead,
You’ll have your words and I’ll have your smiling eyes,
We’ll get these demons out of our heads

New York city was never the answer,
We both know Paris was a mistake,
Even Steepletop held us ransom,
We could never really get away.

We’ll get clean on Ragged Island,
We’ll watch the dirt just float away.
Drifting currents, lazy motion,
Naked bodies at play.

I’m not asking I’m telling you,
We have to kick this thing or it’s the end.
There’s nothing I love as much in this whole wide world
But I can’t love you if you’re dead.

We’ll get clean on Ragged Island,
We’ll strip the layers down to our skin.
We’ll wear no clothes on Ragged Island,
And we’ll be lovers once again.

Bizarre Love Triangle

Written By: Kevin Peckham

It’s no good, it’s no good to try and make me choose
Anyway you try to untie it will only tighten the noose
You take my legs and he takes my head.
Right here on the couch you can take me to bed.
Or take pictures, or take pictures.

I hear what you whisper to each other when you think I’m asleep
And I know what we do is not love though our love runs deep.
If you let me go you would know you that you both don’t need me
But what would I be without us three? I’d be lost completely.

I didn’t realize at first that this power was a curse that bleeds me
And what’s worse, these words I rehearse, they no longer please me
Nothing to be done so we drink and we run in a threesome
And the audiences claps are like slaps I know they don’t mean them

Cause I hear what they say across the cafes ‘she’s a demon’
And I’ve been drinking for two it’s true, but it’s a way to try and beat them
The voices that come in the night that say I’m washed up and done
And what will I be divided by three, less than one.

Curse of Apollo

Written By: Karl Ward

You can’t imagine how it feels
To take all that you can grasp
To come so close to you
Yet you escaped from my hands

Would that I were the arrow
That I were made of lead
I’d rather not shine above
A world where you are dead

O the power in these hands
To take all there is for taking
O the day has finally come
When there’s nothing left worth saving

I look out on your leaves
Here with all that we’ve done
Your leaves will never fade
While mine wilt in the sun

So I climb the stairs
To take my chariot down
These, my fastest horses,
Lead without my hand now.

O the power in these hands
To take all there is for taking
O the day has finally come
When there’s nothing left worth saving


2013 "Hey Princess"
2011 "Vassar Days / Bizarre Love Triangle" 7"
2010 "No Clothes on Ragged Island"
2010 "Of Innocence and Experience" - EP
2008 "Time is Gravity" - EP

Set List

Ghost Ghost plays 40 minutes sets of original material.