Ghosthandfister are a four-piece experimental electronic band based in London. Mixing original story based vocals with experimental analog synth and prepared guitar the band offer a unique sound and live experience.


Alex Deacon plays keyboards/modular synth. Previously he was a member of death indie band The Tedious and Wiltshire synth art-rockers The Lucas Patrol.

Paul Charlton plays effects and homebrew console instruments. He is a member of the Milton Park Orchestra.

Sue Ann Harkey plays 12-string guitar and inhabits a musical world of her own.
She is the founder of Cityzens for Non-Linear Futures.

Gilda M sings and writes lyrics, and occasionally plays the theremin.

Set List

We have two set types.

The first focuses more on our shorter tracks which is a more mainstream and song based. This typically runs in the region of 30 to 60 minutes in length according to booking.
We also perform lengthier semi-improvised pieces focusing more on our unique instrument set. Typically the improv sets run for upto an hour and a half maximum.