Ghost Hounds

Ghost Hounds


Ghost Hounds American Revival Rock 'n' Blues Soul Revue featuring blues-oriented rock originals and interpreted covers of R & B, Soul and Blues-Rock classics. Take a trip down the Hounds sonic highway and arrive at the Crossroads of Rock-Blues-Soul-R & B



Ty Taylor • vocals
Nalle Colt • guitar
TJ Tull • guitar
Chris Tristram • bass
Mike Rizzi • drums

Los Angeles, Ca
Revival Rock 'n' Blues Soul Revue

“There are pictures of Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding and Mick Jagger in the studio together hanging on the walls where we’re recording,” says Ty Taylor, front man & lead vocals of Ghost Hounds. “Our ghosts, our ancestors are here inspiring us.”

Though perhaps best known for his bravura turn on “Rockstar: INXS” (yes, he was the guy with the Mohawk), Ty’s musical ancestors are, in fact, more of the vintage variety. “My whole base in music, my writing, my vocal style, everything now has its roots from about 1968 to 1972,” he reveals. “We’re establishing something new and vital with Ghost Hounds, but we’re also re-establishing something.”

Surely a band of five veteran players steeped in music from earliest childhood – joining Ty are guitarists Nalle and TJ Tull, bassist Chris Tristram and drummer Mike Rizzi – draws from a panoply of influences. Ty, for one, has a firm grounding in R&B and Soul. “I grew up in the church; it’s just part of me,” he confirms, singling out James Brown as one of his idols. Delta blues likewise howl in Ghost Hounds’ sound; the quintet takes its name from Robert Johnson’s “Hellhounds on My Trail” mythology.

But when you get these guys going, certain antecedents come up over and over again: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Otis Redding. Says TJ Tull “The staying power of those artists is phenomenal. We want our own songs to have that same timeless quality.” Skinsman Rizzi affirms: “We all have this music flowing through our veins, and we’re pumping it into the heart of this band.”

Originally from Montclair, N.J., Ty is also the band’s lyricist and informal shepherd of Ghost Hounds’ collective writing process. “It wasn’t just because his voice is incredible,” the guitarist continues. “The great rock singers, they have this essence, this energy the rest of the band feeds off of, and Ty has it. Plus, his interplay with Nalle is amazing.”

Nalle Colt, a Swedish transplant to the Ghost Hounds’ hometown of Los Angeles “Ty and I have been talking about doing a band like this forever,” he says. “This is exactly the music we want to do.”

The feeling is good onstage as well, as The Ghost Hounds build their fan base from the ground up, playing in clubs to increasingly rapturous audiences. “We can all feel the effect we’re having on the crowd,” says Ty. “These guys are so accomplished as musicians and so comfortable in their own skins that they can really let themselves be in the music, and the audience responds to that. There have been many times onstage when we look at each other and kind of say with our eyes, "Do you feel what’s happening right now?"

Ghost Hounds faithful (The Hound Pound) come out for their high-energy, Rock 'n' Blues Soul Revival Celebrations. Nalle prowling the stage like a manic preacher with the message "Music is the only religion that delivers the goods here on Earth" and Chris jumping all over the place, the pair threatening to knock over the whole setup; Thomas holding it down on rhythm guitar, earnest, laser-focused; Rizzi flying apart in back, absolutely crazy, drenched in sweat; and Ty deploying his Mick Jagger-meets-Otis Redding swagger. The women tend to converge right in front of him. Everyone gets what they paid for: a balls-to-the-wall rock experience that never fails to bring down the house.

The Hounds have also written much of their material as an organic collaboration. Ty can’t help but revel thematically in some of rock’s more carnal impulses, and he’s not above the occasional party song, but, as TJ points out, “Ty really has something to say.” “Sometimes you just don’t want to think too much; it’s only rock and roll, right?” Ty ventures. “But I do write a lot about consciousness and living in the moment. I believe you have to be the change you want to see in the world, that you may just be one stone falling in the water, but that one stone creates a ripple effect. Those ideas definitely come out in the songs.” Says Rizzi, “I think our greatest strength is how solid this material is.”

He sees the GH oeuvre as part of a rock continuum, illuminating, “The Stones and Zeppelin and Clapton all interpreted the work of the great Delta blues players, and in some ways, we’re interpreting their work.” One listen to the band’s album, however, and it’s clear this is no slavishly rendered homage; the sound is decidedly contemporary, much more 2009 than 1969.

Still, the Ghost Hounds are doing what all-great bands do – passing along what’s inspired them and sharing what they love. They want to keep the music of their rock forebears alive but also open new doors into it.

Or, as Ty says, echoing his stone-in-the-water metaphor: “Be the music you want the world to feel.”


Ghost Hounds debut album will be released June 9.
Produced by Nile Rodgers
Engineered by Bob Clearmountain

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Set List

Typical Set List
Originals and select Blues/Rock, Soul & R & B classics.
Slash and Dennis Quaid have jammed with The Hounds at recent shows.


Covers include GIMME SHELTER, KNOCK ON WOOD, RIVER DEEP - MOUNTAIN HIGH, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE and other R & B, Soul & Blues-Rock classics.