organic synthetic music, hybrid beats, atmosphere, and emotional outburst


Ghosties is a recreation of what it felt like to be a child, recreating new discoveries and the hardships and joys of life as a youngster. Musically, arrangements are fairly simply, but confounded by the way that the created sounds and almost polyrythmic beats clash and colide. Influence wise, none can be listed. Ghosties has drawn comparison to DAT Politics and moments of Squarepusher. What sets Ghosties apart from so many other electronic acts is its emphasis on creating emotional responce rather than trying to wow people with complex sequencing or sampling (actually, very little in Ghosties is sampled at all, rather its a careful attention to sound design).


Poor Ghosties is unsigned.

Set List

A set list would be impossible to create. Using programs such as Ableton Live and Reaktor, as well as various bits of hardware, a Ghosties show is as much improvised as it is planned.