Ghost In Light

Ghost In Light


Ghost In Light is an ambient, atmospheric indie rock outfit from St. Louis, MO.


-Ghost in Light creates an ambient, atmospheric instrumental backdrop for lyrics that explore how it feels to face demons, to accept the truth, to see your ghosts in light. Ghost in Light creates intensity through subtlety and power through anticipation. Lush vocal harmonies have become a staple of Ghost In Light's live show and recordings as all 3 members of the band assume vocal duties. Ghost in Light attempts to create honest music with no gimmicks. You won't get a theatrical show from this band, you get a listening experience that strives for warmth and purity, inviting the listener to take a closer look.

*2007 Rivefront Times Music Awards Showcase - St. Louis, MO
*2006 Midwest Music Summit - Indianapolis, IN
*2006 Pygmalion Music Festival - Champaign, IL
*2006 Riverfront Times Music Awards Showcase - St. Louis, MO

*Winner best indie band category, 2007 Riverfront Times Music Awards
*Nominated best local release of the year (not on a label), 2007 Riverfront Times Music Awards
*Nominated best indie band category, 2006 KDHX/Playback:stl St. Louis Music Awards
*Nominated best indie band 2006 Riverfront Times Music Awards.

Ghost in Light released a new EP called After Fox Meadow on January 20, 2007. This offering, the band's second, includes 8 new songs. A second EP is currently being prepared for release in mid-2007. The band is planning to increase their touring schedule, playing more shows outside of their hometown of St. Louis over the course of the coming year.

Ghost in Light has enjoyed the honor of sharing the stage with great bands like Asobi Seksu, The Twilight Sad, Jeremy Enigk, Riddle of Steel, The Life and Times, Dropsonic, Shots Fired, SNMNMNM, Shipwreck, Traindodge, Built Like Alaska, Gentleman Auction House, Roman Numerals, Headlights, People Noise, Quien es Boom!, The Great Crusades, Destroyer, Karate and others.

-Venues played:
Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis, IN)
Mississippi Nights (St. Louis)
Blueberry Hill (St.Louis)
Hi-Pointe (St. Louis)
Rocket Bar (St. Louis)
Canopy Club (Urbana, IL)
Cowboy Monkey (Champaign, IL)
Mike 'n Molly's (Champaign, IL)
Stagger Inn...Again (Edwardsville, IL)
The Ground Floor (Belleville, IL)
Record Bar (Kansas City, MO)
Jackpot Saloon (Lawrence, KS)
Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS)
The Outland Ballroom (Springfield, MO)
The Setlist (Warrensburg, MO)
Viaduct Theater (Chicago, IL)
Mojo's (Columbia, MO)


The Snow is Soaking My Shoes

Written By: Jason House

What can I say?
I never was okay.
What lived in me was taken violently.
And the saddest part,
Is that I never was okay.
I'm lying here.
This blood won't bring you back.


Dead Eyes and a Traveling Mind - CD copyright2005
After Fox Meadow - CD/EP copyright2006

Set List

-Our set is approximately 40 minutes long and always includes some combination of these songs:
Dead Eyes
Dirty Wall
Tear Me Apart
Evil Happy Jack
Ghosts In Light
Obtundation and Lethargy
A Traveling Mind
Don't Give Up
Something Else
The Snow is Soaking My Shoes
40 and 8's
Eyes and Golden Hair
Move Over
Walls of Jericho
Bouncing Boo
Ready to Fall
Gnat 127

all songs copyright ghostinlight