Ghost of a Dog

Ghost of a Dog

 Monmouth, Wales, GBR

Ghost of a Dog are a UK based Americana band from Wales and the Southwest of England. Their music is an eclectic mix of americana music based in 70's american folk and country mixed with modern Welsh gothicana. The lead singer is described as the best female voice to come out of Wales in a decade.


From Monmouthshire and the west of England, the five piece band Ghost of a Dog have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of the Americana/Alt-country/Folk Roots movement in South Wales & the West, hot on the heels of other contemporary Roots bands in the area and across the country. They are led by Tamzin Powell, a front woman variously described as everything from “...a female Ryan Adams” to “...a country Kate Bush” and also “one of the finest voices to come out of Wales in recent history”... Ghost of a Dog’s debut album Full Moon Crime Spree, which recently had a full release via Proper Distribution and Folkwit records was mostly co-written by Matt and Tamzin Powell and draws on their influences such as The Byrds, Neil Young, Whisky Town , Cowboy Junkies, Joni Michel, Emmylou, Lone Justice, The McGarrigle’s, Kate Bush, and Calexico.. (to name a few) but integrate them into their own unique songs which, are underpinned by their collective love of American based acoustic music & ‘70’s songwriters, with a liberal helping of rocking balls, but all run through their unique Welsh Gothicana filter.


Full Moon Crime Spree (2009)
Shadowlands (2011)