Ghost of a Stranger

Ghost of a Stranger


With sponge-like minds, the northeastern quartet Ghost of a Stranger has absorbed the right combination of influence and vision essential to create unique indie-rock. Coaxing show goers into a rare state of excitement and bliss through live performance foreshadows GOAS's fated breakthrough for 2009.


With natural chemistry and a mature sound, Ghost of a Stranger is poised to unleash their authentic brand of indie-rock to the masses. The Northeastern group Composed of Peter Torrey (vocals/guitar), Adam Korbesmeyer (Guitar/Keyboards), Greg Gebhard (Bass) and Josh Martin (Drums/Percussion) began in October 2006 as a collaboration between Torrey and Gebhard, who met at a cocktail party and later decided they wanted to start writing songs together. Soon after the duo met Korbesmeyer at a recording session and asked if he was interested in playing in a band. Close friend Josh Martin joined the group in early 2007 to round off the bunch.

After being mentioned on a Minus the Bear blog, executives from Veggie Co. Records contacted Ghost of a Stranger and a strong bond was immediately formed. Signing to Veggie Co. Records allowed Ghost to get Hers and Yours (2008) professionally tracked, mixed and mastered. Ghost released Hers and Yours April 29th, 2008.

The album is now available at shows but also:

The sound of Ghost of a Stranger:

Can be easily compared to an array of other groups including: The Killers, The Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky, The Flaming Lips, and Beck. If you enjoy these groups you may enjoy GOAS.

Between their high energy performance and spot-on instrumental tightness, the group continuously strives to put on a show that will leave audiences blogging for more.

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"Hers and Yours" debut LP release on Veggie Co. Records April 29th 2008.
"Fight It Out (Remix)" Single (2008)
"You Alone" Single (2008)

Radio airplay on: KROCK Syracuse NY, WDVL Fredonia College Radio, and local Buffalo College Radio.

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Set List

You Alone
Everybody Move
86 on the Dance Floor
This Letter
Twenty-Sixth Century
Fight it Out
No Tellin'
Scarred Hearts
When Will This End?
Oh Oh Oh (Who do you wanna love?)
Last All Night
Walking High
Lovers Door
Adam's Song
Your Ghost