Ghost Of Electricity

Ghost Of Electricity

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Written By: darrin Tehrani

You are on your way....
to the safety of a small white picked fence
To find a place where life might make sense of your days
I will still be here in this circus, carnival of tears
Jumping hoops of fire for love, wondering when its ever enough

Are you Happy,can you tell me what it really means to be happy?

There's nowhone here to blame,my words are dissonance
to the song that we've sang,Hey are you listening?
Or is it just a stop on your way.Castles in the air
ladders of ambition rattling the cage,hey what's the story?
Looking at tomorrow through yesterday..

Are you happy?Can you tell me how it really feels to be happy
Can you tell me what it really means so we don't forget

Trading peanuts for cotton candy,out with the old
In with the new,I am on my way to the future
of clowns and lemonade.The inner circle is filling up with
fools on parade.They're taking down the bigtop as your pulling
up the stakes.
Are you happy?Can you tell me what it really means
to feel to be,can you show me what it really means
So we won't forget