Ghost of Monkshood

Ghost of Monkshood


Energetic and inspiring soundscapes incorporating multiple organic and electronic elements in a modern multimedia surrealistic setting blended with precise, harmonized vocal arrangements over a base of catchy, melodic art-pop.


A unique quintet of multi-instrumentalists carefully altering the universe with sound. Aiming for musical transcendence through lovingly crafted and detailed compositions that remain accessable and intriguing.

Recommended for fans of:
Olivia Tremor Control
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Animal Collective
The Beta Band
The Dandy Warhols


52 minutes, 12 tracks (2008) Self-Released

download tracks from the album on our myspace:

"Spider Through the Fog"
73 minutes, 17 Tracks (2005) Self-Released

Regular airplay of tracks 1 & 13 on KHBZ-FM 94.7 The Buzz (Oklahoma City)
and on iROK Radio (

Streaming samples may be found at:

"On the White Horizon"
59 Minutes, 13 Tracks (2004) Self-Released

"She Flies With Her Own Wings"
68 Minutes, 14 Tracks (2003) Self-Released

"Cito & The Almond Bear"
51 Minutes, 13 Tracks (2003) Self-Released

Set List

All original material. Setlist varies depending on the feel of the crowd. We've played 30 min opening sets, 3 hour headlining sets and everything in between.