Ghost of the Russian Empire

Ghost of the Russian Empire


frigid and cacophonous with a heart of iron and combustion. always finding disappointment, but never giving up hope.


Born in the latter half of 2004, we have agreed to bestow upon this world an instrument of retribution. A musical goliath with the capacity to heal or destroy. A gracious handshake and a knife to the neck. Assumptions would be a mistake. As witnesses stand mesmerized, we approach to crack them in the teeth. We're looking for the answers in this world, and wondering if they should be beaten up.


hammer hands

Written By: Ghost of the Russian Empire

i don't need your help
i'll go it alone
without fingers or thumbs
without palms to hold
you bust up everything you try to save
you've got hammer hands and an
iron will
leaving dents and scrapes along the way
you're always up for a fight
but i never said I was
heads crushed and doors kicked in
never a moment's rest
you're a risk to us all
put us up against the wall
you've got hammer hands and an iron will


2006- with fiercest demolition (ep)

2008 - the mammoth (full length)

Set List

Set lists change with each show. Seriously. I don't think we've ever played the same one twice. Usually play 8-9 songs, but can play more if needed.
We've played some covers in the past (My Morning Jacket).